Working at Feadship means being part of a close-knit team that creates some of the most sophisticated and beautiful objects in the world. Each of Feadship’s pure custom vessels consists of countless extraordinary components crafted with skill and care by our workers, with all our employees making a unique personal contribution to every yacht on which they work. This is a source of immense pride, but also great responsibility. To always guarantee the best quality, it is crucial to have dedication, perseverance and capacity for teamwork.

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Werken bij Feadship

Our people

Each company in the Feadship family understands the importance of attracting the best people and ensuring they work in the best conditions.

Space and guidance

Our employees have everything they need to provide the absolute finest work, from the latest technologies and most precious materials to intensive internal training courses by leading experts in their field. We make sure that our talented people have all the space and guidance they need to work and grow.

Real craftsmen

Everyone who works at Feadship has a deep affinity with the exquisite materials with which they work and the stunning things they create. Working at Feadship also requires a passion for one’s work that goes far beyond the norm.

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