To the passionate, the persistant and the demanding. The ones who understand that experience counts.

Those who see themselves in what we do, and know a fellow perfectionist when they meet one. A shared vision, the same dream. Knowing this person won’t stop until it’s the best it can be. Because it’s exactly what they would do. Feadship owners and Feadship builders, deep down they’re the same...

A shared vision, the same dream

Knowledge is everything And heritage doesn’t just happen over night

Feadship professionals are the worlds cream of the crop in yacht building. We hire only the absolute top motivated and trained craftsmen and women in all disciplines required to create a Feadship.

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Feadship als werkgever 2
The build engine installment 1920 x1080
Yard rvl amsterdam

The Feadship-family

The Feadship-family is comprised of Royal Van Lent Shipyards, De Vries Group and De Voogt Naval Architects. Both shipyards have been granted royal status by the Dutch queen in recent years. Each member of Feadship has a distinctive history and its own in-house disciplines and professionals.

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