We don’t build yachts. We build the individual and unique.

For the uncompromising and exacting. We take a blank page and an open mind and turn dreams into wood and steel. We don’t build yachts. We leave that to the others. We build Feadships.

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We don’t build yachts

We don’t build yachts We build wants and desires

Preowned Feadships

All Feadships are built to last and renowned for holding their value.

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However distinctive, every Feadship ever launched has something in common: an inherent quality that you can only really feel when you step onboard and which ensures the vessel holds her value. This is the end product of a perfect craftsmanship that has been passed down the generations. Traditional values are upheld in every discipline as the yards draw on an unrivalled heritage dating back to the nineteenth century. As time goes by, each Feadship sets a new benchmark for artistry and the use of technology to maximise comfort at all levels.

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