Feadship Unveils

The carte blanche exclusives

The route to impossible is the way to incredible. Along that route we explore many paths, leading to insights and inspiration. It forces us to go beyond what we know. To create, innovate and keep pushing the unachievable. Feadship Unveils some of her exploring designs – all technologically feasible – to inspire the next Superyacht owner.


Inspired by nature, designed by Feadship

It takes an extraordinary design team to blend cutting-edge technology with sinuous forms. The unique structure of Feadship supports an inhouse creative think tank called Studio De Voogt. Together with the Knowledge & Innovation department, they are a true “imaginarium”; design topics, materials, and global trends are considered against the backdrop of the natural world and multi-cultural influences.



Radical but logical

The 87-metre EXPV concept by Harrison Eidsgaard in collaboration with Feadship takes a completely fresh and unconventional approach to what large yachts – especially explorers – should look like.



Opening a new era for interiors

Studio De Voogt envisioned Slice as a technically advanced envelope that rethinks the yachting lifestyle. A multi-story atrium staircase is a popular idea, but the best part, the open centre that could bring a feeling of spaciousness to the yacht’s core, is often compromised and crowded with a lift. On Slice, a lift, if requested, can be convenient but out of the way. Staircases port and starboard conceal structure allowing the unique living area of the three-level expanse and its opening terraces amidship to be the feature destination.



The power of now
What would happen if its designers and innovators developed a yacht that blended the immense experience gained from working for owners with the boldest visions that have yet to see the light of day?

Project 2024

Find your balance
Created in partnership with Nauta Design, Project 2024 is an answer to clear requests from the market. All core technical elements have been devised based on our unrivalled experience, leaving you free to create a custom Feadship that is based on the way you like to cruise.

Project 3249

A bespoke beauty in blue
Project 3249 showcases the perfection that can be obtained across every aspect of a superyacht.

Project 3099

Deep dive into quality

One of the most futuristic design templates in the Feadship vaults yet to be built is the pulsating Project 3099. With nothing remotely comparable on the market, this exceptional example of how pure custom Feadships begin with a blank piece of paper includes dedicated diving facilities and an iconic exterior profile.


Project 3026

On your marks…
A relatively low-volume design and a speedy profile was exactly the kind of bespoke challenge that makes the Feadship creatives tick.


Open your eyes… An Escape to reality
Designed with the life and style of an eco-conscious rock star in mind, Escape is a super-sleek 110-metre Feadship with lots of toys and green innovations.

Project 3073

Sleek, speedy and state of the art
This Feadship Sports Yacht offers a fresh take on how an exceptionally swift Feadship might look like. This design exploration includes a full-sized glass-bottomed pool, open wheelhouse and mega-sleek exterior.

Project FG

Megayacht design with superstar appeal
A 109-meter Feadship design created for the fictional combination of Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump.


A true Feadship experience
With the Freedom design, Feadship combines her vast experience with your unique vision on how a superyacht should look and feel.


A matter of autonomy
Feadship has marked the tenth anniversary of the Feadship Future Concept with its most audacious blueprint for inspiration to date. Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show using a yacht model and an augmented reality experience, the 2016 FFC Choice offers a wealth of opportunities for autonomous living on and off board.


Majestic and modest
Feadship Royale has been designed with the next generation of superyacht owners in mind. To mark the year of the King’s coronation, Feadship Royale speculates on how King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima – and the country which they serve – might use a Feadship.


Beyond theory
Feadship Future Concept Relativity has been designed with a particular ‘client’ in mind as Feadship speculates on how Albert Einstein might have used a Feadship to spread the message of knowledge and innovation around the globe.


Reconnect with nature
The Future Concept Feadship Qi reflects a fresh sense of energy among owners and their family & friends as they reconnect with nature in the most inspiring surroundings. Phenomenal views of the changing environment outside are synthesised with a safe and secure feeling within.


Principals of biomimicry
Breathe practices the principals of biomimicry to reduce energy consumption via natural ventilation, a hull shape and paint that are more slippery, whale fin stabilizers that generate lift, solar cells and the application of light tubes. A revolutionary propulsion package reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% at all speeds.


Construction excellence
Aeon blends an eco-friendly attitude with Feadship design flair and construction excellence. Its spectacular glass tower and green energy system reflects a desire to be at one with the environment. Observation is a key tenant of the Aeon concept.