However distinctive they may be, every Feadship ever launched has something in common: an inherent quality that you can only really feel when you step onboard and which ensures the vessel holds her value. This is the end product of a perfect craftsmanship that has been passed down the generations.

Traditional values are upheld in every discipline as the yards draw on an unrivalled heritage dating back to the nineteenth century. As time goes by, each Feadship sets a new benchmark for artistry and the use of technology to maximise comfort at all levels.

Commitment. Experience. Integrity.

How do you quantify the intangible, but essential, ingredients of every Feadship? Through the people who build them. Each individual craftsman is aware that what he or she does directly affects you and your Feadship. Their pride and commitment extend to everything you see on a Feadship but, most of all, to the many things that you do not see. From the shipyard to the open seas, a Feadship is all about people.

Our Story

Portraits of Craft

Meet our craftsmen in their working environment, hear their stories and find out what the relentless pursuit of perfection means in their everyday working life.

Experience counts

On average a Feadship craftsman has twenty years of experience and worked on forty yachts. The need for a sharp eye and hands-on craftsmanship is instilled in the workforce from the moment they start their long career with Feadship.

The best materials for building a Feadship are incredible people.”

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