As an owner of a pure custom Feadship why accept anything less than pure Feadship quality for your tenders? TT Feadship will design and build you one or more bespoke tenders that ensure you and your guests a seamless Feadship experience from ship-to-shore.

Open tender Lady S running shot 2

At Feadship we say what we mean when it comes to your pure custom superyacht. And if that means you prefer to have your tenders made by another brand than TT Feadship, we’ll make sure they fit perfectly and launch superbly.

But – and it can be quite a big but – when you become accustomed to the superlative standards of comfort, quality and seaworthiness found on your Feadship, you may well wish to ensure the same feeling continues the moment you board your (full electric) tender.

Feadship limo Tender copyright feadship detail web

The TT Feadship team work exclusively on tenders for Feadship, launching only two to three vessels a year. The style can also fully reflect your Feadship, from exterior design to interior upholstery. The owners of Faith, Lady S, Zen and several new projects are among those who’ve already opted for the unrivalled quality of a TT Feadship… Will you join them?


Open tender & limousine

42 knots
Lady S

Open tender & limousine

41 knots
Lady S

Go Electric

Just like Feadship, TT Feadship is way ahead of the propulsion tech curve and offers an exceptionally fast superyacht tender, run on silent green power. This 100% electric superyacht tender will blend impressive endurance and reach with speed and reliability. Powered by the performance-proven V-Amp technology.

Exquisite customisation

Built in a highly efficient and super-clean tender facility, you’ll thoroughly enjoy mirroring the experience of creating your Feadship with a custom-built tender which matches the mothership in every respect.

Maximum synergy

The same innovative technologies and equipment are used, offering considerable benefits to your crew when it comes to operation.

No standard hulls

TT Feadship is the answer for owners who insist on the very best and a one-stop-shop.

A seamless Feadship experience from ship-to-shore