This is a collection of thoughts, quotes, stories, truths, hopes, dreams, ideas and ideals that reveal the very soul of Feadship. It’s a journey to find the truth that sets Feadship apart from his competitors. Discover the DNA of Feadship.

Dutch HonestyThe Truth about Feadship

We don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’, when we mean ‘no’. There is much we cannot and will not do. But honesty is not a weakness, it’s a strength. We define ourselves as much by what we don’t do, as what we do.

We don’t build yachts quickly, we build them perfectly. We don’t build yachts to meet a budget, we build them to meet a desire.

We don’t make promises, we make Feadships. The very best super yachts in the world. And to achieve this we must be uncompromising in attitude and action.

With a Feadship you get what you pay for. The best.”
Dna 10 reasons
10 reasons for buying a Feadship

1. Because you can.
2. Because you can.
3. Because you can.
4. Because you can.
5. Because you can.
6. Because you can.
7. Because you can.
8. Because you can.
9. Because you can.
10. Because you can.

Perfect CraftsmanshipThe Madness of Perfection

The uncompromising pursuit of the impossible, driving those few to keep building, working and creating, long after the common sense of others says stop.

It takes a specific type of person to pursue such a dream. An irrational, stubborn and unreasonable person. One who understands that the route to impossible is the way to incredible. Someone who holds the beautiful conviction that good enough, is never ever good enough.

11a the art of compromise
The art of compromise
is NOT to make any

Every single inch is as close to human perfection as it can come. Nobody builds a house on land to these standards.

14b it takes hundreds of highly skilled
15b you need to apply three layers of lacquer
You need to apply three layers of lacquer.
So we apply six.

Relentlessly Setting the StandardMaking the Impossible

Impossible is a beautiful word. It forces us to go beyond what we know. To create, to innovate, to keep pushing until the unachievable is achieved. It demands the very best from us… and then some. It is a standard, a tool, our muse, our inspiration. Impossible is the destination of every yacht we build. This is how we do, what cannot be done. This is the difference between a yacht and a Feadship. Impossible makes us better.

Dna not born into royalty

Feadship designers have the head of an engineer and the heart of an artist

Dna A Lot Has Changed
A lot has changed since we
built our first boat.

And a lot hasn’t.
Dna impossible another word
Is just another word for lack of imagination

Pure Custom CreationThe Pursuit of Dreams

We don’t build yachts. We build wants and desires, quirks and eccentricities. We don’t build yachts. We build the individual and unique, for the uncompromising and exacting. We don’t build yachts. We take a blank page and an open mind, and turn dreams into wood and steel. We don’t build yachts. We leave that to the others. We build Feadships.

Dna imagination

The imagination is a hard thing to live up to.

We love a good challenge.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of shore

Dna the will

If you have the will, we will find the way

Dna why not bg

Together We Build a Wonderful ExperienceAn Extraordinary Family

To the passionate, the persistent and the demanding. The ones who understand that experience counts, knowledge is everything and heritage doesn’t just happen overnight. Those who see themselves in what we do. And know a fellow perfectionist when they meet one. A shared vision.The same dream. Knowing this person won’t stop until it’s the best it can be. Because it’s exactly what they would do. Feadship owners and Feadship builders: Deep down they’re the same.

Dna not a yacht
This isn’t a yacht.
This is passion, determination and imagination.

A dream that goes from the mind to the page, from the page to the workshop, from the workshop to the dock and from the dock to the ocean, can go anywhere.”

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