The Freedom Project has been devised for those who wish to realise their ideas about their Feadship exterior and interior without being intimately responsible for the complex technical and engineering matters that underpin the whole yacht.

Feadship Sales Director Bas Nederpelt and designer Jan Schaffers talk about creating Freedom.

Freedom to live the way you like to live”

Our function, your form

With Feadship Project Freedom you can let your inspiration soar, as you create your ideal Feadship around the 60- to 65-metre mark while leveraging on the proven-in-practice technical excellence found in-house at Feadship. Combine our vast experience of how things work best at the heart of a vessel with your unique vision on how a superyacht should look and feel both inside and out. The result is certain to be exceptional in every way.

Feadship Freedom design back view
Feadship Freedom design - pool

Freedom of expression

The lines and profile of project Freedom will entirely reflect both your aesthetic preferences and the choices you make for your yacht inside and out. The design will be created around the central core and be as versatile as you are, with cool clean lines that are sure to be a constant source of pride. Obviously, you also have the freedom to choose a colour palette for the hull and superstructure that matches your style.

Freedom of style

They are pretty neat to look at, the fruits of a partnership with the designers and stylists at FM Architettura d'Interni Srl. Please peruse these possible ways in which you might ensure your interior makes the most of Feadship’s expertise in the glass superstructure elements of project Freedom.

The 'Zen' and 'Thrive' styles are first impressions in name and looks only.


Zen is a style of class and relaxation. Light timbers and earthy tones dominate the environment for a calming, comfortable atmosphere. The feeling is homey and welcoming, made distinctive with subtle Japanese accents.

Thrive (1/2)

Thrive is a style of confidence and strength. Its sharp identity derives from innovative materials and sculptural shapes.

Thrive (2/2)

The interiors are a true contemporary statement, made open and fluid through round corners and polished surfaces. Extremely refined elements in titanium and carbon fibre render pioneer yet elegant interiors.

Freedom for the future

The Freedom project places major emphasis on being ready for the future, both in terms of its (suggested) propulsion set-up and the flexibility offered for future adaptations. We have designed her to perform superbly in all conditions while being as sustainable as possible.