Aeon blends an eco-friendly attitude with Feadship design flair and construction excellence. Its spectacular glass tower and green energy system reflects a desire to be at one with the environment. Observation is a key tenant of the Aeon concept.

Future concept aeon whale shark opt

From sea animal to sea keeper

Whale sharks are incredibly graceful creatures and Aeon’s curvaceous design encapsulates their form, elegance and size. As the design morphed from sea animal to sea keeper, the power of nature was harnessed in every way possible, including a wealth of opportunities to capture the energy of the sun. Large parts of the yacht’s surface can be equipped with solar paneling for the greenest possible power supply.

Aeon’s environmental impact will be reduced by a significant figure… We’ll work out exactly how much once we start transforming all these ideas from concept to reality.”

The goal

The goal is to get inside the mindset of an archetypal Feadship owner in 2020, taking into account new research among clients, the very latest trends from other industries, and the environmental considerations that concern us all. How wil l the next generation of Feadship owners wish to be remembered?

Shaped for sensory perception

Depending on the hull colour, the solar panels might be slightly tinted and the windows in the upper superstructure could have the same color. The bow is slightly flat, resembling the front of a whale. It also slopes, which creates space for an observation area forward.

Advanced energy solutions

Aeon works on an advanced energy system using green power sources such as bio-diesel and solar energy. The propulsion is entirely electric without any combustion engines, and the yacht runs on synthetic fuel that can be produced from natural gas or, even better, biomass or algae.

AC load

The AC load is the largest consumer of hotel power on a megayacht. Various design modifications have been incorporated to lower consumption. An enthalpy (sorption) wheel is a technique that is commonly used in buildings.