If you could combine rock star level partying with down-to-earth innovative design, what kind of superyacht would you end up with? Meet Project FG (Freddie Gump), a Feadship design created for the fictional combination of Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump.

Sales director Marsha van Buitenen and senior designer Jan Schaffers sit down to talk about Project FG.

A brand new regal megayacht design with superstar appeal written all over it.”
Feadship Project FG design top view

Wild elegance

The 109-metre Project FG came to life during the Feadship Brokers Course in 2019. Together with the Feadship design team from Studio De Voogt, the invited brokers created a design for a wild – but down to earth – Freddie Gump. In a few days’ time, Project FG was born as a technically feasible design that allows for wild partying at night and peaceful relaxation during daytime.

Party till dawn

More than 200 people can party in the outdoor beach club. Hidden from the outside world, FG includes a mysterious hidden club in the bow of the yacht for exclusive private gatherings.

Relax till dusk

The panoramic piano lounge is a perfect spot to fuel your creativity as you watch the sunrise.

Popup table tennis court

Thanks to the popup table tennis court with a transparent windbreaker, a game of Ping-Pong can be enjoyed in all weather conditions.

Feadship Project FG design side view running shot