Project 3026 was imagined for brothers looking to spend long days and balmy nights at sea with easy access to the water. Incorporating two equally impressive master staterooms within a relatively low-volume design and a speedy profile was exactly the kind of bespoke challenge that makes the Feadship creatives tick.

Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl and designer Chris Bottoms discuss a 61-metre template for life at, on and in the sea.

Feadship Unveils - Project 3026 - bow

Linear classic

The clients with whom we partnered on this design were considering an upgrade of their yachting experience to Feadship standards of comfort, with the ability to spend long periods on board in a refined environment. They also wished to retain certain aspects of their current boat like its built-in foredeck seating area and nimble looks.

Aggressive aesthetic

Project 3026’s aggressive aesthetic exudes speed even at anchor, part of a linear design concept with highlights inspired by classic Alfa Romeos and Bugattis. Check how the accelerating ‘kink’ in the sheer line reduces the black glass of the bridge deck and enhances the swiftness.

Brothers in arms

The vision of the brothers behind Project 3026 revolved around cruising together, hence the integration of two master staterooms equal in grandeur but not in requirements. One preferred a private location on the main deck with a balcony while the other stateroom is on the lower deck close to the water. Here we find a hot tub with its own window to the world plus a bespoke hatch from which to plunge into the cool of the ocean. The pure custom ethos is illustrated by the careful measurements for headroom when stepping out onto this dramatic entrance to the sea. 

Harmonious layout

The clients are also big fans of water sports and had the dream of carrying a wave boat with them on their Feadship along with a very large tender. There also had to be lots of space for outdoor pleasures as well as the twin master staterooms, good connections to the crew areas and of course premium guest suites.

The resulting design ensures that all these diverse parts are in complete harmony with each other. The full walk around on the bridge deck helps keep the volume lower while the central casing provides both fantastic 270-degree views and a great feeling on board.

Feadship Unveils - Project 3026 - side view
Feadship Unveils - Project 3026 - side view light
Feadship Unveils - Project 3026 - side view dark