Relativity’s technical specifications would have been of great importance for our client, both from a professional interest and from pure practical need. As a means of travel, Relativity has to facilitate Atlantic crossings, journeys to Asia, and regular shorter trips in and around Europe.

Relativity Feadship C12 02

Nuclear Power

Fuelling Relativity with nuclear power could be technically achievable. After logistics were analysed, however, its many advantages could not outweigh the practical considerations for our client and his crew of dealing with nuclear disposal in domestic ports. It was our responsibility, therefore, to recommend an alternative.

Relativity’s performance at sea has to be efficient, fast and absolutely smooth.

Relativity Propellor And Jets

Propeller and jets

For someone in demand all over the world, time and speed really are of the essence. For Relativity, a combined engine system was found to be the ideal solution. This system creates an open water top speed of 28 knots, perfectly smooth manoeuvrability at low speed, and impressively low fuel consumption.

Relativity Home


To support our client in his multiple roles, Relativity would need to offer a clear separation between public and personal space. With private access, Home is an entirely self-contained and separated deck, the perfect celebrity hideaway – just as a home should be.

Relativity Continuum Mast

Continuum mast

As the first opportunity to surprise and inspire guests and onlookers, Relativity’s mast needs to be different. At 35m, this open-air elevator is the perfect way to announce the arrival of a man who always refused to play by the rules.

Relativity Disappearing Tenders

Disappearing Tenders

Our client wanted an alternative tender storage solution, one that will not interfere with the aesthetics of his vision. We designed a system that stows the tenders safely below deck when not required, preserving the flowing lines of the bow – an inspired request with a unique solution.

Relativity Torus


As a space for presenting ideas, Relativity’s auditorium understandably takes centre stage. Inspired by Einstein’s theory on time, its shape also provides shelter to the main deck. The open roof and mast continuing upwards and beyond sets the scene in preparing guests to consider ideas reaching far beyond their present knowledge.