Figure of eight: Feadship Unveils series completed

A ground-breaking series of videos called Feadship Unveils can now be seen in its entirety on our dedicated YouTube channel. Eight exceptional and never-seen-before designs have been unveiled by some of the leading thinkers at Feadship, backed up by related renderings and sketches on our social media platforms.

The pure custom philosophy on offer at Feadship means that every project goes through a wide range of iterations as extra input from the client is added to the original vision. Some of these entirely original designs never actually see the light of day in terms of being built. We also brainstorm with industry experts at events like the Feadship summits for brokers and captains to come up with totally new concepts. Feadship Unveils offered a rare insight into the records at Feadship’s Studio De Voogt and, who knows, aspects of these inspiring designs may see the sea-light of day in the near future.

Project Freedom

The first design revealed was for a project called Freedom, devised for clients looking to build a Feadship around the 60- to 65-metre mark with a full custom bespoke exterior and interior without the need to be intimately involved in the complex technical and engineering matters underpinning the yacht. Leveraging on Feadship’s know-how of which locations work best for the engine room, crew routing and the like, Freedom gives you the liberty to focus on areas that matter most to you.

Project FG

The second episode of Feadship Unveils examines Project FG, a 109-metre design created for a fictional combination of Freddy Mercury and Forrest Gump. It came to life during the Feadship Brokers Course in 2019 and (entirely unrelated!) allows for wild partying at night and peaceful relaxation during daytime. Highlights include a mysterious club hidden in the bow of the yacht, a panoramic piano lounge and a popup table tennis court with transparent windbreaker.

Project 3073

How might an exceptionally fast Feadship look like? What kind of design features would be included? Episode three of Feadship Unveils explored a sporty superyacht with a full-sized glass-bottomed pool, open wheelhouse and mega-sleek exterior. These attributes are further boosted by a state-of-the-art propulsion system deploying water jets rather than propellers. This powerful shallow-draught Feadship could achieve speeds of around 30 knots, while an ultra-efficient electric equivalent would still be able to race along at 20-plus.

Project Escape

Feadship Unveils number four showcased Escape, a design imagined for an eco-conscious rock star exploring fresh frontiers. This super-smooth 110-metre Feadship features a submarine, a myCopter, an amazing atrium with moonpool, wellness area and panoramic elevator, 700 square metres of solar panelling and a herb garden. Other green innovations include an enthalpy wheel to pre-cool the AC intake with exhaust air, reheating of AC air with waste heat from the generators, fuel savings of 35%, and silent electric cruising. Groove on!

Project 3026

Ever considered how cool it might be to soak in your stateroom hot tub before stepping off your very own hatch for a refreshing dip in the sea? This was just one of many rousing ideas incorporated into Project 3026, a swish design for a 61-metre Feadship that was the subject of Feadship Unveils episode five. The yacht was imagined for brothers looking to spend long days and balmy nights at sea with easy access to the water.

Project 3099

‘Pretty outrageous’ is how Feadship director Henk de Vries describes the initial briefing for Project 3099 in the sixth Feadship Unveils video. One of the most futuristic design templates in the Feadship records, this eye-catching superyacht features a conspicuous amount of glass in the construction. Her imposing axe-bow would effortlessly pierce the waves and Project 3099 also offers a superb two-deck stern play zone with a shaded diving centre.

Feadship x Merveille: Project Wing Yacht

Feadship Unveils #seven zoomed in on ideas for an environmentally-responsible explorer that has been developed by Merveille Yachting. The design concept features a computer-driven system with wings that can be propelled at twice the strength of a traditional sailing yacht rig to reach 18 knots on wind power alone. Far lighter than an equivalent superyacht between 60 and 100+ metres, the Merveille Eco-Explorer also profiles a range of renewable energy reproduction innovations.

Project 3249

Last but certainly not least, Project 3249 was created together with clients looking to optimise volume, layout and facilities within a very specific length that would ensure access to their favourite marinas. A blend of the masculine and graceful with enormous windows on the world, Project 3249 comes in at exactly 69.75 metres to ensure access to specific harbours. One of the prime locations for fun and relaxation is the dazzling beach club which even includes its very own cinema.

Watch the final episode of Feadship Unveils .