Wish we were all there
A trip down Monaco memory lane

Many readers will have had the 23rd to the 26th of September blocked off in their agendas for 2020, with hotels booked despite the sky-high prices. The Monaco Yacht Show has been a favourite meeting place for the global superyacht world for many years and its cancellation due to Covid-19 has left many regulars feeling a little out of sync this week.

That’s certainly the case at Feadship as we were looking forward to spring some great surprises on show visitors, as has become traditional. Feadship sees the Monaco week as a fine opportunity to showcase our latest launches and new concepts, release the annual edition of PILOT magazine, bring the superyacht world up to speed with what’s happening at Feadship, and host some epic social gatherings for everyone from owners to crew.

Needleless to say we had lots in store for MYS 2020 so, to soften the blow, let’s relive some of the highlights of recent shows. We also provide links to videos on the Feadship YouTube channel which were filmed in Monaco and (re)capture the spirit of the event, plus previous news releases with images. Sit back, watch, read, and let your mind head to Monaco for a few minutes, starting with this published after the 2017 show…

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Stand and deliver

Many visitors to the Monaco Show make a beeline for the Feadship stand on the Central T-jetty to collect their Feadship hat (they’re everywhere by Wednesday lunchtime), pick up a copy of the latest PILOT and see which ingenious theme Feadship has come up with to make their two-story booth truly stand out. Recent highlights included covering the front of the stand with a gigantic screen and creating a soundproofed space with the world’s largest curved LED TV and a wide range of interactive sensations. You can watch the award-winning three-minute This is Uniquity film shown in the movie theatre below.

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But the pièce de résistance of Feadship stand surprises to date must surely be the amazing The Jewels in the Crown display from 2019, a pure custom art piece that celebrated Feadship’s royal heritage and the amazing fleet of yachts created over the past seven decades. The Jewels in the Crown consisted of over three hundred pieces of individually pressed circular glass, each containing a Feadship profile screen-printed by hand. See how this shimmering spectacle was created below.

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Model behaviour

In addition to the different themes of the stand as a whole, the booth has also been home to some breathtaking models over the years as we unveiled the latest Future Feadship Concepts in Monaco. From 2006 onwards this series of explorations by Feadship designers and naval architects proved remarkably prescient in foreseeing a growing interest among owners in aspects such as glass construction (X-stream), hybrid propulsion (F-stream), low fuel consumption (Breathe), eco-friendly design (Aeon), the desire for privacy (Relativity) and the art of entertainment (Royale). Facilities for younger owners were the focal point of Qi, as the video shows.

The 2016 concept Choice offered a wealth of opportunities for autonomous living on and off-board, which we illustrated in Monaco with a model that included an augmented reality experience. This has since been followed up with interactive models of Feadships that have already been launched, namely Faith and SYZYGY 818.

DNA experiences

Interaction was certainly the name of the game in 2017 as we gave show visitors the chance to discover their unique Feadship DNA. Participants were able to take a carefully devised intuitive touchscreen survey that uncovered the key elements of their ultimate design. The Carte Blanche Experience in 2018 and 2019 went even further by offering owners, potential clients and (after a special promotion) members of the general public a unique opportunity to sit down and sketch the Feadship of their dreams with one of our expert designers at the show.

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The real thing

There’s obviously much more to the Monaco show than stands, not least the hundreds of awesome superyachts on display. Feadship always partners with proud owners to present several of the newer members of the fleet and there are various other Feadships docked in and around the show which are being displayed by brokers. That’s why we organise special spotter tours by luxury tender, giving guests a fabulous water-side view of these Feadships.

Very strict privacy rules apply of course as to who can actually step onboard the Feadships we have in Monaco (clue, you can’t just roll-up at the gangway!). That’s why we invest considerable time (and funds) in ensuring whenever possible that our Feadships are docked at prominent locations where people can see more than just their stern from the quay or foredeck from a tender.

A great example was the side-on views available last year of SYZYGY 818 which captured her incredible all-glass superstructure and flowing lines in all their glory. Owners also occasionally allow us to give virtual tours, as was the case when Feadship’s very own vlogger Suzanne visited Aquarius armed with her camera. And another super-sleek Feadship was also a breath of fresh air hit at the 2018 show.

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Party time

The superyacht sector remains very much a people’s business, one in which personal contacts are crucial at all layers of business. The Feadship VIP lounge is a tranquil oasis for invited guests and home to many lunchtime meetings over the four days of the show. We also host an owner’s dinner and exclusive cocktail events as the Feadship directors spend time with the people that make Feadship tick.

And then there is the famous annual Feadship captain’s and crew party, which always has a special theme. Check out the vibe and fantastic efforts people go to dress the part in recent years as we took a ‘trip around the world’, held a beautiful Bal Masque and welcomed everyone to taste the wine and hear the band on our special Cabaret evening.

Not all Feadship staff get to visit the Monaco show (keep building those boats, guys and gals!) but all 150 personnel from Feadship De Voogt did have a 24-hour boat show experience several years back, which they marked with a flash mob. See how the designers, naval architects and support staff entertained the crowds in this video.

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Virtual world

No-one could have realised this time last year how extra important virtual interactions would become in 2020 due to circumstances beyond our control. Feadship was already a little ahead of the game though in terms of keeping those who could not come to Monaco involved. Our social media pages have been giving regular updates on each day of the show for years now, and last year we went a step further with a series of Q&A sessions on Instagram with various Feadship family members.

Like you probably, we’re devoting lots of time currently to personal contacts continue online, with the 2020 Captain’s Summit going ahead on Zoom very soon. Meanwhile, let’s hope we can all start meeting again in person soon, and certainly by the time of Monaco 2021!