Musashi takes her name from Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest samurai to have ever lived. A supreme swordsman, artist, sculptor and calligrapher, his wise philosophy of balance and perfectionism describes this Feadship’s character and style entirely.

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Singular vision

If an owner can imagine it, Feadship can build it. Musashi is the perfect example of a singular vision brought to life. From a profile inspired by 20th century Japanese fleets to a serene and minimalist interior, the owner’s passion for Japan infuses almost every aspect of Musashi’s award-winning design.

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To accommodate Musashi’s five-deck window design, a unique build approach was required. The glass could not simply be inserted into the finished hull, as it would be in other superyachts. Instead, the superstructure had to be entirely redesigned; engineered so that the reinforced glass became an integral part of the superstructure.

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Musashi’s 87.78m profile, with its elongated aft, created an ideal space for her twin custom-built tenders. Once the tenders are launched, the area transforms into a vast beach deck, complete with basketball court.

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Musashi fuses Japanese simplicity of form with touches of western Art Deco. Attention to every detail is extraordinary throughout. From bathroom taps custom designed by Sinot to the central glass elevator surrounded by a floating glass staircase, Musashi is as elegant as she is breathtaking.

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Light is one of the most essential design elements onboard. Japanese shoji ceilings and diffused LED backlit walls add to the light provided by the huge windows on every deck. Even the gymnasium has large glass sliding walls, creating a flexible indoor-outdoor space.

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Feadship Musashi Sundeck
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