Meet our craftsmen in their working environment, hear their stories and find out what the relentless pursuit of perfection means in their everyday working life. Everyone who works at Feadship has a deep affinity with the exquisite materials with which they work and the stunning things they create. Working at Feadship also requires a passion for one’s work that goes far beyond the norm. The best materials for building a Feadship are incredible people. Meet them here...

Everything is possible

Our design philosophy is simple: start from a blank sheet and the assumption that everything is possible. Feadship’s designers are here to make your vision reality, working with you while following your lead. It’s a process that many Feadship clients find almost as rewarding as the moment they finally see their yacht completed on the quayside.

Bespoke space

To step into the interior of a custom Feadship is to enter a bespoke space unlike anywhere else in the world. Working with the finest materials known to man, our joiners, marble experts, furniture makers, metal workers and countless other skilled disciplines come together to bring the owners’ vision on living to life…

Extraordinary concentration

It takes time to properly paint a superyacht and the specialised coating teams at Feadship are given the time and the facilities they need to finish this most noticeable part of a yacht. Their physically demanding work requires extraordinary concentration for painters who insist that good is never enough.

Skilled artisans

Following a traditional craft that is constantly evolving and developing, the welders at Feadship work with many hundreds of drawings for each project. From the moment the keel is laid these exceptionally skilled artisans are solely preoccupied with achieving the highest possible standard.

Remains unseen

Our incredible engineers start with an empty space such as an engine room or aft tender store and utilise every space to the best. Behind the panels, under the floors, much of what makes a Feadship special remains unseen by most while being easily accessible and logical for the crew.

Hands-on work

The composite specialists at Feadship are involved in hands-on work with foam cores and laminates, keeping weight down while adding strength to the structure. Using the latest vacuum infusion, pre-preg techniques and 3D machinery, they literally and metaphorically give shape to a Feadship.

Masters in metal

The stainless steel work is another highly visible aspect of every Feadship, both inside and out. Our masters in metal know that the highest expectations are the norm and take great pride is creating superlative railings and many other features. This is their chance to shine…

The difference

All the above craftsmen and women, spread across every area of the yards, have in common a deep passion to play their part in the Feadship story. From generation to generation, our people’s unrivalled experience and dedication makes the difference.

My grandfather worked here. My father worked here. My son will work here.”

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