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Feadship is one of an elite group of yacht builders that can truly be said to create custom superyachts. Custom means starting every project literally with a blank page. It entails designing a bespoke superyacht that is entirely individual and unlike any other in the world. We work with clients to create a one-off luxury motoryacht that exclusively and uniquely reflects their character and use.

Venus Feadship

Starting from a blank sheet

Our design philosophy is simple: start from a blank sheet and the assumption that everything is possible. We are here to make your vision reality. We work with you, but you lead. A process that many of our clients find almost as rewarding as the moment they finally see the yacht they have created standing before them on the quayside.

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Perfect Craftsmanship

However distinctive they may be, every Feadship ever launched has something in common: An inherent quality that you can only really feel when you step onboard. Traditional values are upheld in every discipline as the yards draw on an unrivalled heritage dating back to the nineteenth century. As time goes by, each Feadship sets a new benchmark for artistry and the use of technology to maximise comfort.

The Build

At a recent launch ceremony one owner said: "Creating something like this is as much fun as sailing the boat." 

Find out why

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Take a tour

Take an extended tour on some of the finest Feadships of recent years and discover the true meaning of pure custom yachtbuilding.

Step Onboard

The most amazing journey you will ever make in a Feadship is the three years it takes to build one.