The Joy of a Feadship first

It was smiles all round at the Feadship Kaag yard this weekend as the fantastic new Feadship Joy was launched. AFeadship premiere in a variety of ways, the celebrations as this radically styled superyacht entered the water for the first time reflected the all-round sense of excitement.

The first thing you notice about Joy is the amazing amount of exterior spaces on what is a truly pioneering 70-metre yacht. As Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl explained during the launch ceremony, this fresh perspective reflects the fact that Joy is not only the first superyacht built by the client but also the very first superyacht he has owned.

“Most people usually buy one or more preowned yachts before they embark on a new build but you’re such an ambitious person that you decided to create something genuinely different from scratch,” Jan-Bart told the owner, who was accompanied by a large party of family and friends. “You challenged us to make something totally unique which solely reflects the use that you have in mind – and the result is amazing. As the youngest owner we’ve ever created a Feadship for, the Joy project reflects the energy and enthusiasm of the next generation of clients who are coming to Feadship.”

Unique identity

Joy is also a serious statement of intent by Bannenberg & Rowell as the London-based studio showcases its exterior expertise for the first time since the death of Jon Bannenberg in 2002. The flow between the interior and exterior spaces and the generous wide walkways are without precedent on a motoryacht of this size, while fascinating concave shapes in the superstructure give Joy a design language and identity all of her own. “Joy was an incredibly complicated boat to build with so many shapes and lines,” added Jan-Bart. “We are very grateful to the fairing gods at Feadship and all the other craftsmen who have showcased their skills on such a unique boat.” 

Holistic design

In another debut, Joy features a contemporary classic interior by Studio Indigo. The London designers have facilitated a holistic design that makes it easy to extend the interior spaces by opening glass doors on to the main, owner and bridge decks aft. “Studio Indigo has worked amazingly hard to produce such a gorgeous design with an incredible focus on detail,” said the owner in his speech. “I’m also delighted with Bannenberg & Rowell’s sleek and progressive profile that reflects my desire to go forward into the future. And I am grateful to Burgess for guiding us through the build process, which has been a genuinely enjoyable experience.” 

Moment of joy

As he spoke, the owner reflected on a recent visit he made to Central Park in New York. “When I saw the statue of Columbus it reminded me of how much joy this explorer felt when he first saw land. Today is my moment of joy as something I have long dreamt about has come to light. I’m incredibly happy and sincerely grateful to Feadship and all the other team members who made this happen.”

The owner concluded his launch speech with a special message for his two children which everyone at Feadship can heartily agree with: “I hope that you will return here one day to build a 170-metre Feadship, and I look forward to being a part of the ceremony on that day!”