Sneak preview: The making of the jewels in the Feadship crown

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If you’re heading to this year’s Monaco show, you really should set course for the Feadship stand. Even by Feadship’s high standards – in recent years the company has made a big splash with showstoppers such as the award-winning ‘Story of Uniquity’ film and the interactive Carte Blanche Experience with live-action sketches – the amazing The Jewels in the Crown presentation in glass is going to blow your mind.

This pure custom art piece celebrates both Feadship’s royal heritage and the remarkable fleet of yachts created by and for its clients over the past seven decades. Like precious gems, no two Feadships are the same, and each is a work of art… This obvious truth was the inspiration behind the shimmering The Jewels in the Crown display that will be unveiled to the public for the very first time at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

Sneak preview

All images of this finished piece are under strict embargo ahead of the unveiling on Wednesday (although exhibitors at the show might catch a sneak preview at it’s being assembled prior to the show opening). What we can tell you is that The Jewels in the Crown consists of 300-plus individually pressed pieces of circular glass, each containing a Feadship profile screen-printed by hand. The kaleidoscope of colours and gradations reflects the changing hues of the water as seen from a moving yacht, while the different sizes represent the various dimensions of Feadships.

Whether you’re going to Monaco or not, you can still enjoy a flavour of this showcase in the fascinating video below. It goes behind the scenes of the Van Tetterode Glass Studio in Amsterdam, specially commissioned by Feadship to partner in creating this monumental glass project. Watch and marvel at how far Feadship is prepared to go to honour the owners who they see as the driving force behind the many jewels in the Feadship fleet.