Launching into a virtual yacht world

Global travel restrictions have led to a surge in the number of potential owners wishing to see their ideas for a yacht in digital form. Feadship has therefore teamed up with SuperYacht Times, other top yards and leading designers to offer a virtual world solution to this very real-world challenge. The SuperYacht Times 3D digital platform is a smart tool for anyone potentially interested in buying, designing or building a yacht, and also opens up yachting to a broader audience.

The shift towards virtual viewing was already underway as people look to travel less and reduce their carbon footprint. Providing a first-class online experience in return is essential for a high-end sector such as the superyacht industry and SuperYacht Times 3D is designed to be the gateway to a world of digital options. Easily accessible to visitors wherever they are, this visually-driven dimension puts you in control of your own journey in a virtual yachting world.

Enjoy, explore, visit

Like any new innovation of this kind, further developments will be added over time but you can already enjoy highlights such as a tender tour of the different yachts and design projects, explore private islands of the world’s most renowned superyacht builders (including of course Feadship), and visit floating marinas of yachts docked by leading designers and yards. SYT 3D also introduces a unique tool for comparing yachts and design projects at an exact scale. And 3D technology allows you to view exterior profiles from all angles.

Preparing for boat shows

Content such as photos, videos and virtual tours is being seamlessly integrated into the platform, which will also serve as a valuable tool once the big boat shows get underway again by modelling all yachts in attendance in 3D. Also on the horizon are various options for yachting games and educational content. Built on gaming technology, SYT 3D is available on browsers and works best in Firefox and Chrome. Desktop and mobile apps will be launched in due course.

Explore SYT3D

(Desktop Chrome & Firefox only)