A matter of autonomy
Future Concept Choice

Released on a regular basis in order to inspire the next generation of owners – and those people who had never even considered owning a superyacht – the Feadship Future Concepts have had a remarkable impact since the initial one was unveiled in 2006.

Many of the theoretical innovations first floated on concepts like X-stream and Breathe have since come to life in reality on award-winning Feadships such as Savannah. The name of the 2016 Feadship Future Concept says it all – everything about this fascinating new idea from the designers at Feadship revolves around choice. Of course, as the acknowledged leader in pure custom superyacht construction, Feadship always offers its clients free rein when they commission a Feadship. That’s why we always start each project with a blank page and a listening ear.

That said we are to a certain extent limited by the laws of nature. But we never let imagination get in the way of our thinking processes when it comes to the Feadship Future Concept. Choice is certainly no exception to the rule – and everything suggested here is within the boundaries of the technically feasible.

Transforming life

The essence of our thinking on Choice is recognition that the ability to transform a yacht while underway will become increasingly vital in the future. As well as the wealth of choices Feadship clients have before and during the building process, our aim is to give them even more options once they are on board.

There are two distinctive yet interconnected types of choices available. Firstly there are the various options which allow you to autonomously explore the parts of the world to which your Feadship takes you in new and refreshing ways. Every yacht has a tender or two but none of them have had anything like the 25-metre co-propulsion units suggested for Choice. What’s more, while normal tenders often enable their owners to head off into areas otherwise out-of-bounds for the mothership, few if any let them stay there for as long as they like.

Meanwhile, checking out which spots you’d like to explore will be superb fun in the two-man drone on board Choice – and you can also go out and about in the detachable beach house. You will always know the best time to go too thanks to the Feadship Independent Control System (FICS).

Spoilt for choice

These are just some of the alternatives you have for heading off board. Obviously, however, a Feadship is far more than a means of getting from A to B, and the on board experience has been similarly optimised. Choice contains a wide range of facilities that enhance the independent feeling offered by this transformative concept. From the louvre deck to the stabilized pool and sandy beach, this is a boat where you are spoilt for choice in every way.

Choose your propulsion

The foundations of the design of Choice are driven by a number of key notions:

  • The primary propulsion sources are located on the two 25-metre autonomous tenders either side of the yacht.
  • Thanks to the increased speed and reduced draught compared to the mothership, the option to use these powerful tenders significantly increases flexibility of operation.
  • The mothership has its own electric propulsion package, charged by the tenders while docked. It can therefore implement the type of slow steaming operation adopted by large cargo vessels, offering major savings on fuel consumption and carbon emissions. In addition to silent anchoring, the mothership is also whisper-quiet when steaming along at ten knots. In a nutshell, the above elements allow Choice to provide more experiences for those on board while consuming less fuel.

Compared to a 80-metre Feadship cruising in, for example, the Adriatic Sea, Choice would offer 29% savings on fuel while providing 17% more time to enjoy your time at anchor. Although the resistance of the hull and the tenders combined is higher than that of conventional yachts, the ability to transport guests to the required destinations by the fast tenders means Choice can follow more slowly behind and catch up at leisure. You can choose to take a small unit when you want to speed up, or take things easier on the mothership. After all, it is the combination of big and fast that guzzles the most fuel. Another interesting side benefit of the Choice autonomous concept is the way it supports the crew, especially when compared to the current trend for using fast chase boats or a shadow vessel, both of which need constant manning.

You decide

As is the case with every Feadship Future Concept, elements such as Choice’s length and the layout of her interior are but starting points based on our vision for the overall idea. In reality the arrangement of the five decks would entirely reflect your personal preferences, of course, and this GA should serve as inspiration only. Do note the absence of a conventional wheelhouse in this design. As an autonomous yacht, Choice only requires a bridge lounge with some minor technical buttons for steering.