Floating in the air: fancy a suspended swim?

We don’t have to wait for the launch of the latest member of the Feadship fleet to admire the creative work of the Feadship designers. In addition to the scores of men and women busy translating owner thoughts into superyacht reality, other designers are thinking even further forward about ingenious ideas which may suit future clients.

A fine example which we’d like to share with you is this exhilarating suspended pool concept. It’s a fantastic illustration of how inspiration for tomorrow’s Feadships can come from the smart thinking of geniuses from the past. In this case the Feadship designers had been studying the hanging gardens of Babylon as part of their search for ways to increase the degree of connection between the various outer deck levels.

There are already a number of Feadships out on the oceans where guests can see what is happening in the pool on the deck above because the bottom of the pool forms part of the superstructure roof. The suspended pool concept takes this interactive feeling a step further: by ‘hanging’ the pool from an aft deck, the sides and aft end are also visibly exposed, connecting the decks by increasing view lines. To facilitate the impact of this gravity-defying feature, the thickness of the deck from which the pool is hanging is kept to an absolute minimum.

On the deck below you could stand or sit beneath the pool and enjoy watching people swimming in the pool as well as the magic shimmer of the sunlight through the pool-water surface. At the same time, the pool is low enough to place your hand on its sides and stay literally as well as metaphorically in touch with those inside.

To make guests feel safe when passing under the pool, the bottom of the structure slopes forward to meet the superstructure in front of it. This also helps with water circulation and makes it easy to drain the pool under any yacht load condition. To support the weight of the water, struts sprout out of the ceiling and meet the teak below. The overall outcome is an awesome optical feature as well as a fabulous additional spot to relax or throw a party.