Five refit projects at Feadship

The renowned refit experts at Feadship are currently involved in carrying out or preparing for five major projects. These activities illustrate how owners recognise that the best place to ensure their Feadship remains at the peak of Feadship quality – and retains its value as such – is to have Feadship manage and realise refit and major maintenance activities.

Just as is the case with new builds at Feadship, client privacy always remains a key component of our service. That means we cannot actually share the name of the 70+-metre Feadship which is currently enjoying an extensive refit and maintenance programme. The project is being fully managed and executed by Feadship in partnership with our long-term sub-contractors and partners.

An even larger Feadship, the 81-metre Air, is also in the Netherlands for Class surveys and some work to increase her fuel tank capacity. She will be joined in September by the lovely 47.50-metre Tatasu, who will be benefitting from a comprehensive engine room update – replacing the main engines, generators and switchboards – and various other work activities.

The 49.99-metre Aurora will join Tatasu in the main building shed at Feadship Makkum's refit location, which is being extended for that purpose to accommodate refits up to 70 metres in length. Aurora will have her sewerage system updated to meet the latest IMO requirements, a range of construction work carried out and a full repaint.

Meanwhile, the Feadship experts are busy with a ‘remote’ refit of the mighty Predator at a yard in the South of France. The project involves enhancing the accommodation capacity from six to ten on this 72.80-metre Feadship by adding two guest suites. The period will also be used to renew the galley equipment. All work is being managed and carried out by Feadship to ensure that Predator is prowling the world’s oceans again this summer season.