Feadship owners look forward to disappearing act

Last Saturday saw the launch of the 66.25-metre Feadship Vanish and the owners had a number of treats in store for the people who built her. The hundreds of invited guests enjoyed a performance by a band and a laser show, while all yard personnel were offered an exclusive tour of their pure custom creation.

Every Feadship launch feels like a family affair, as it gives the workforce the chance to bring their spouses and children along and proudly show off the project on which they have been working so hard for the previous three years or so. The launch of Vanish was an especially cosy event as the owner’s family and friends had travelled to Holland in force and very much entered into the spirit of things.

Going Dutch

The owners had discovered during the build that their ancestors originally hailed from a noble family in the Netherlands and the female half of the couple expressed her pride in this heritage by giving a thank you speech entirely in Dutch, learned especially for the occasion. The audience roared their approval of this magnanimous gesture and her kind words (translated for you here!): “We have enormous respect for the Feadship craftsmen and the incredible teamwork we have witnessed in finishing this yacht. You have exceeded our expectations and we are honoured to be the proud owners of this Feadship.” 

While her husband’s speech that followed was in English, this was, of course, no problem for the virtually bilingual workforce at Feadship who were thrilled to hear his words. “We feel very fortunate to own a Feadship and to know that there are people like you who have the unwavering vision and commitment to build a product of this quality. Feadship has created a hugely impressive culture that spans the generations. We have done business all over the world and can say without reservation that Feadship is a standout company which employs standout people.”

Time to vanish

Prior to the launch, held in the early evening to add to the party atmosphere, the owners were so excited that they broke with tradition and had a tour of their Feadship before the official ceremony. This led them to describe Vanish as “simply spectacular". We named our Feadship Vanish because she will provide the family with the opportunity to disappear in the safety and comfort that only Feadship can provide. We are so proud of this boat and can only imagine how proud those who built her must be.” 

That pride was clear for all to see as the personnel of the yard and their partners were given the chance to take a comprehensive tour of the finished yacht. “It is very unusual for all the people from the myriad disciplines involved in a superyacht build to actually get to see how everything came together in the end,” explains Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “Vanish is a showcase example of a holistic superyacht, and it is wonderful that everyone involved could experience the fruits of their collective labour in this way.” 

During his speech at the launch, Verkuyl recalled how Feadship management initially met with the owners on a beautiful day in May. “You shared with us how much you enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor life and – from the exquisite transom sea terrace to the inviting sun deck bar – every bespoke inch of Vanish reflects this. It has been a pleasure to work with such involved clients and the close interaction you have had with the people making your Feadship has been hugely appreciated. You had great fun building this boat and the results are clear for all to see.”

Springboard to adventures 

With helipads on both the sun deck aft and bow area, Vanish will serve as a springboard to a world of adventures. In addition to the owners’ inspired brief, Vanish also incorporates the ideas of Eidsgaard Design, giving her the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions possible in every respect. Her powerful exterior profile is softened by harmonious lines and the use of varnished teak, including cap rails with a diameter of more than 25 centimetres. Vanish has an unusual transom which was designed to provide intimate contact with the water while meeting the owners’ desire not to feel intimidated by the hull’s bulk when arriving by tender or swimming from the sea terrace. 

Another cool example of fresh thinking is the full-height atrium with its free-standing staircase and breathtaking wall of glass, a unique feature on a 66-metre yacht. The balcony for the full-beam owner’s suite is another hugely impressive feat of engineering without precedent. The owners may have all the facilities they need to enjoy their disappearing act but we have a sneaking suspicion that this Feadship will still receive a great deal of attention from admirers wherever she travels in the world.