Charter a Feadship
the perfect holiday

Ever thought about chartering a Feadship? There are enough reasons for doing this...

Why charter a Feadship

First of all, with over 35 yachts the offer on Feadships for charter is big. Whether you are looking for the newest yacht around, the perfect yacht for a family holiday or a classic beauty for a romantic trip along the coast: there’s a Feadship that matches your wishes.

And then there are the people onboard. One of the vital elements in successfully running a yacht charter is the captain and his crew. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every aspect of your vacation time being onboard goes exactly to requirements, the crew of a Feadship are usually among the elite of their profession. It goes almost without saying that the quality of Feadships is a major benefit. It is during a well-deserved holiday that you can value this the most. 

The Feadship experience

It’s the perfect combination of yacht and crew that makes the total Feadship experience for charter guests. A Feadship is the pinnacle of superyacht excellence, immaculately designed and built. They offer an incredible degree of reliability which gives the crew members the peace of mind of knowing that everything’s going to work as it should. This matters a great deal when you are looking to ensure your family and friends the perfect chartering week as the yacht pretty much runs itself.

What to explore

Location, location, location! When booking a charter, the yacht’s whereabouts are almost as important as the yacht itself. So once a yacht is selected, the next question is: where can we go? The ultimate itinerary for a charter party, is a joint effort of charterer, captain & crew and the charter brokers involved.

What to do – it’s up to you!

The charterer is the starting point for each charter holiday. From the choice of yacht to the menu, the itinerary and the activities onboard: the wishes of the charter party are key. And this is really the fun part of chartering. It is ultimate holiday experience, moving from exotic location to exotic location, and enjoying fantastic service and facilities during the intermediary periods, all tailored to your own requirements. So take your time to imagine your ultimate holiday, it might be about to happen!