Busy times at Feadship

Over the past twelve months the Feadship family has been working overtime to add Shinkai, Callisto and Juice to our already impressive fleet. At the same time, our refit business is running on all cylinders with no less than eleven Feadships arriving at our facilities this year. We will never tire of custom-building new yachts, but breathing new life into existing Feadships offers a particular sense of pride. Throw in a few hull transports and 2022 was indeed a year of all hands on deck! Here is a quick round up of what has kept us busy.

New builds


2021 #708 54.90 M / 180'1"

The owner of this robust ice class expedition yacht wanted a rugged explorer wrapped in a sleek profile. Designed by Philippe Briand of Vitruvius Yachts, Shinkai means “deep sea” in Japanese and her raison d’être is her ability to transport her owner’s 7.2-tonne submarine, all-terrain vehicle and lmo tender for exploring on and below land, made possible by a massive crane on the aft deck. The yacht also features the largest gyro stabilizer built and installed to date.

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2022 #820 71.10m / 233’3”

Building a new Feadship for a repeat customer is an honour. Building a Feadship for a fanatic collector of modern art is doubly so. The straight lines and restrained curves of this RWD-designed yacht speak to the contemporary focus of the brief for this all-aluminium yacht. Glass and stainless steel railings fade from view to let nature’s canvas grab the attention. The owner worked closely with Peter Marino to create a unique domain from the finest materials and a complete owner’s deck for a personal retreat.

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2022 #709 42.50m / 139’5”

The goal was to pack the accommodation of the client’s 2006 Feadship into a smaller package delivering twice the speed. Her length determined by her berth and a desire to stay under 500GT, Studio De Voogt and car designer Toby Silverton developed a slippery hull for the task, first in CAD and then tweaked in model testing. Her unique bow reduces pitching and lowers resistance at higher speeds. Building off the classic look of the 63.20-metre Callisto, the 2022 version takes these elements and adds sporty touches to reflect her speedier nature. Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design followed suit with a light interior that reflects the Mediterranean summer.

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Under construction

Project 1011

#1011 102.60m / 336’7”

This 102.60-metre Feadship is the tenth collaboration between Feadship and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. Pictured is the impressive hull arriving at our Makkum yard. The project will be kept under wraps until her official launch.

Project 823

#823 67.40m / 221’2”

It took centimetre precision and perfect planning for this new 67.40-metre Feadship to pass through the eighteen bridges, locks and aquaducts to reach our outfitting facility in Kaag. As we went to press, Feadship workers were performing their magic on this beauty.



launch name: Gallant Lady
1984 #629 26.62m / 87’4”

We are set to begin a comprehensive refit focused primarily on strengthening the hull and installing a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer alongside other work.

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launch name: Katrion
1997 #653 48.20m / 158’0”

Gitanareturned for a complete repainting, various Lloyd’s 25-year surveys, new boilers, crane overhauls, teak deck reconditioning and various ME and DG servicing.

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2015 #810 57.45m / 188’6”

For the various maintenance jobs needed, the owner of Halo decided the best team for the job was the original team that designed and built her.

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Gallant Lady

2007 #651 52.46m / 172’1”

The seventh in a remarkable series of eight yachts, Gallant Lady 651 returned home to Aalsmeer for a year-long refit that touched every deck and corner of this beautiful 52.46-metre Feadship.

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launch name: April Fool
2006 #792 60.96m / 200’0”

Like many other yachts, Samadhi returns regularly to Feadship for class survey-related refit work, repaints and general maintenance to keep her in pristine condition.

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2002 73.51m / 241’2”

While dedicated to preserving the Feadship fleet, we occasionally refit yachts built by other yards as well, like this 74-metre Mogambo. After her extensive seven-month refit, her first journey was to the Norwegian fjords.


2018 #815 73.60m / 241’6”

For the interior and exterior refit of the owner’s area and other maintenance jobs, Sherpa chose to use the very same team that built her, removing all doubt about the overall quality and pedigree of her refit.

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2007 #797 44.65m / 146’6”

Harle’s comprehensive refit is as impressive as the yacht itself. In addition to installing new generators, piping, peak shaving batteries, FLIR and a heat recovery system, the Feadship team is also performing various DG upgrades and replacements, a bridge upgrade, replacing all teakand doing various interior and exterior work.

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Sea Huntress

launch name: Sea Sedan
1997 #655 55.00m / 180’5”

In addition to Lloyd’s Register 25-year survey, Sea Huntress received a helideck refuelling area extension, new freshwater pipes, an overhauled generator and various paintwork.

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2020 #1008 99.95m / 327’11”

Built in 2020, the 100-meter Moonrise returned to the Netherlands for various maintenance, technical and warranty work.

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2019 #699 85.00m / 190’3”

The beautiful and sleek 58-metre Najiba returned to the Feadship yard that built her for painting, technical work and warranty items.

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