Feadship launches Kiss
Balloons and bubbles as Kiss is launched on Valentine's Day

Rarely has the name of a newly launched Feadship been more appropriate than was the case last Saturday as the fabulous 46-metre Kiss was lovingly unveiled at our Aalsmeer yard. In addition to the traditional cracking of the champagne bottle by the owner's wife, scores of red balloons were released and red bubbly served to the hundreds of guests and Feadship staff who had put their heart into this latest addition to the Feadship fleet.

Every Feadship launch is a special event as the owners get to see their completed superyacht for the first time. The christening of Kiss on Valentine's Day made the theme of this particular gathering an easy one to decide, and love was very much in the air as the Feadship workforce and their families gathered to enjoy the occasion. Kiss looked resplendent in her metallic black livery, which Feadship Director Henk de Vries explained was the most complicated object ever to have been painted in this way.

This is very much a family boat and we are very proud of all the craftsmen, technicians, engineers and all the other specialists for the work that they have done on Kiss

You can read more about how that was achieved in the official press release, along with more background to the construction and design of Kiss. For now, let us share some of the thoughts of the speakers at this Valentine's Day launch, all of whom emphasised the incredible teamwork involved in creating a splendid pure custom superyacht.

“This is very much a family boat and we are very proud of all the craftsmen, technicians, engineers and all the other specialists for the work that they have done on Kiss,” stated Henk de Vries. “Like all Feadships, she showcases the relentless pursuit of perfection that is the Feadship hallmark. That is why we are so grateful for the confidence placed in us by the owners of Kiss and all clients who appreciate the true value of a truly bespoke motoryacht.”

Designer Ed Dubois also expressed his gratitude to the owners. “This project has been almost five years in gestation and, after a lengthy study of the market, the owners decided to go for Feadship as they wanted the very best. I love Holland and the main reason I love Holland is because of Feadship. It builds the best boats in the world and Kiss is another amazing achievement. Thank you for making my life a real joy!”

The interior of Kiss came from the boards of Redman Whiteley Dixon, under the guidance of Toby Ecuyer. “This project has been a great journey of ideas that has taken us around the planet,” he said. “The partnership between the different parties has been superb and I am very thankful to Feadship for helping us achieve this incredible boat.”

Captain Oliver Varley, who spent the last five months of the build working full-time at the yard, was also very pleased. “The quality that runs through Feadship at every level is truly impressive... It's quite astonishing to see the skills involved in taking raw materials and turning them into the finished product. It will be my pleasure to sail the high seas with the confidence that comes from knowing that everyone assembled here today was behind the construction of this yacht.”

The final word was, of course, given to the owner who gave a romantic speech in which he described Kiss as being like a new member of his family. “My wife had a dream to build a yacht of fantastic quality,” he said. “I cannot thank you enough for realising her dream...”

And with that the champagne corks were popped and this Valentine’s Day date with a difference was celebrated in cherished Feadship style…