A year to remember

A year to remember 

It’s been a quite exceptional year for Feadship even by our high standards. The number of awards received has been a fine tribute to our staff and the amazing clients with whom Feadship partners. We’ve organised a large number of events for owners, brokers, captains and Feadship fans the world over, while also delivering a fleet of Feadships. The launching of the new My Feadship programme is set to revolutionise the way Feadships are refitted and maintained the world over. And the year ahead promises to be equally exciting as we open new facilities in Amsterdam and Makkum. As Feadship enters its 70th year in 2019, we can look back on 2018 with a sense of pride in all that has been achieved.

Award-winning performances 

The year 2018 got off to a sparkling start in early January as the Phuket Rendezvous hosted the first Christofle Yacht Style Awards and Feadship was named Best International Superyacht Builder. The next month saw another triumph for Feadship, this time in the very different surroundings of Kitzbühel in Austria where Faith won the International Design & Innovation Awards. The same mighty Feadship was hailed as Motoryacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards in May, on an evening in Florence that also saw Hasna and Letani take home one of the coveted Neptunes. A special mention for one other award-winning performance in 2018 as former Feadship director Dick van Lent became a member of the chivalric Order of Oranje-Nassau. Read what that means here and click on the other links if you’re interested in the original reports on all these awards. 

A world of Feadship events

The superyacht world is a global phenomenon which revolves around personal relationships at every level. Feadship invests a great deal of resources into events that facilitate the sharing of information and strengthen bonds between all involved in serving Feadship owners. The major boat shows are an obvious example and this year we illustrated the meaning of pure custom creation via the interactive Carte Blanche Experience. Elsewhere we set up an art of Feadship gallery at the AMACEing event in Beijing, organised the first four-day broker's summit in Moscow and hosted the biennial captain's summit in the Netherlands. The Feadship Future Lab Innovation Symposium brought together experts in construction, design, naval architecture and engineering from across the Feadship group while around 70 members of the growing Feadship Heritage Fleet had a great time at the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco.

Behind the scenes with Suzanne

As a member of the Feadship marketing team, Suzanne knows better than most the incredible work that goes into creating each and every Feadship. This year she started sharing some of her insights in a new series of vlogs that are also designed to encourage the next generation of young craftsmen to join the Feadship crew. Go to our YouTube channel and take a tour ‘Inside Feadship’ with members of the design, hull-building and paint teams. Suzanne also brought her inimitable style of reporting to vlogs going behind the scenes at this year's Monaco and Fort Lauderdale boat shows. 

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Joining the Feadship family

The sheer variety of Feadships in terms of size, design and features launched during 2018 is the best possible illustration of how pure custom creation works, with each new Feadship being completely unique inside and out. Valoria (47m) is a tribute to the classics while Sherpa (74m) has an extraordinary explorer-like exterior profile with an unfaired hull. The 110-metre Anna makes an awesome impression while the lovely Lonian (87m) was launched at a fantastic summer party that also featured a 'making of' film that has since been viewed by millions online. And we’ve already caught a first glimpse of one of the first jewels of the 2019 deliveries in the form of the 93-metre Project 814.  

New facilities increase capacity

Building work of a different kind has been underway at two locations in the Netherlands as Feadship continues to secure the future and meet the ever increasing demands from new and existing clients. Due to open in May 2019, a brand-new Feadship facility is adding to the iconic skyline of Amsterdam in a prime location at the heart of the Dutch capital. This fourth yard allow for the construction of Feadships of up to 160 metres in length. Longer and beamier new builds will also be on the agenda at the Feadship yard in Makkum where construction started this year on a 166-metre second hall. This impressive expansion project will also add new workshops and offices by the time the first phase is ready in November. 

My Feadship for ever

To ensure that the unrivalled quality of the Feadship fleet is retained throughout every stage of a Feadship’s life we have launched an industry-first suite of services. Designed specifically to preserve the Feadship DNA that sets our brand apart and protect resale values, the My Feadship programme is overseen by a new globally operating company called Feadship Refit & Services. Find out more here how we will ensure that each Feadship truly stays a Feadship. The best way, of course, is to bring a Feadship home to the Feadship yards and the owners of Utopia and Archimedes were among those who did that with considerable success over the past year.