A Feadship film experience

At Feadship we enjoy making a splash at the major boat shows with innovations that go above and beyond the normal business side of things. At the Monaco Yacht Show, we raised the bar significantly by featuring the first ever in-stand movie theatre. This completely insulated and soundproofed space included the world’s largest curved LED television, giving an impressive 105 inches of screen on which to show our brand-new Feadship movie. Filmgoers in the theatre were given a true treat for the senses as in addition to the spectacular visuals, they were regularly bombarded with different scents that matched what was happening on the screen. There was also the occasional waft of wind to heighten the interactive sensation.

Visitors to the stand, which included both invited guests and those who were passing by and had heard of the theatre, seemed very impressed. “Awesome,” was how many people described it as they emerged into the bright sunshine of Monaco.

Other opinions included: “It was a real sensory experience and this movie captures Feadship’s craftsmanship and attention to detail in a beautiful way.” “The visuals are incredible and the special effects, including the scent of metalwork, really bring uniquity to life.” “We love the way everything came together at the end, and the overall impression was both relaxing and overwhelming at the same time.”

This pioneering film may be relatively short but it took over a year to shoot and we’re rather pleased with the result. Your next chance to be immersed in the Feadship Theatre experience will be during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. You are welcome to drop by our stand (slip 3) between 5 and 9 November 2015.