A designer love story

Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects held a workshop on Valentine’s Day to bring the exterior and design departments even closer. Set up by Clara Barni, a project engineer in the exterior department, the event helped people get to know each other better personally as well as professionally in a relaxed environment. It also further facilitated the organic and streamlined cross-departmental cooperation for which Feadship is renowned.

“The choice for 14 February was tongue-in cheek,” Clara says. “We organised this workshop as a teambuilding experience between two teams who take the lead on the work at two crucial periods: leading up to the confirmation of a new custom build and the time immediately after the contract is signed. The event was a success, sharing not only knowledge but also perspective, which is priceless. A secondary goal was to have fun together and here too our mission was accomplished!”

Closer, smoother, more creative

The six designers at Studio De Voogt are responsible for the concept phase, developing the exterior details, profile, GA and part of the 3D model. Once the client agrees to proceed, the prime responsibility in these areas moves from design to the exterior dept. “This transition is a sensitive moment which has to be handled smoothly to maintain an even level of quality and ensure the perfect outcome for clients,” Clara continues.

 “While many people have worked at De Voogt for a long time and know each other well, this day was designed to enable them to work informally together and gain first-person experience of work from the other side of the desk. As colleagues become friends, this trickles down into a closer, smoother and more creative working relationship.”

Fun and enthusiasm

The workshop started with two presentations, one from each department, followed by an enthusiastic Q&A session. Participants were then given a brief to design a bar on a yacht, with a detailed owner profile and suggested style, followed by a brainstorming session.

“In just four hours the results were truly impressive,” says Clara. “They developed the concept, ergonomics and available space, made sketches and some even produced 3D drawings and rendered images! I knew they were all professionals and was expecting good work, but this was something else. And it was great to see people enjoying themselves drawing on computers & paper around the table with lounge music in the background.”

Shared inspiration

Philip Wijnans used to work in design and is now in the exterior department. “I loved seeing my two departments come together in this fun assignment,” he laughs. “The designers shared their way of thinking and working, providing insight and inspiration for the exterior engineers that enables them to be involved more profoundly in the design process.”

“Feadship is already a big happy family,” designer Tanno Weeda adds. “In other companies you submit documents to different locations and wait to hear from them, but here we have a direct connection. There’s already less noise on the line, fewer people involved and more teamwork than in any other comparable design company. But a workshop like this helps us find each other even more easily. Both departments have grown lately and it’s good for everyone to get to know each other better and work even more efficiently in the future.”