In creating Predator, we were tasked with building the fastest Feadship of over 70m in length. But building a superyacht like no other requires an approach like no other. Increasing power alone would not be enough, as noise and vibration are always a primary concern. To truly succeed, every single aspect – from the superstructure and the hull to the operating systems and interior – had to be entirely reconsidered.

Predator’s revolutionary axe-bow.

Predator’s revolutionary axe-bow.

Perfect craftsmanship

For Predator to live up to the ruthless efficiency of her name, she had to be ultra lightweight. And for her to live up to the Feadship name, there could be no compromise in experience, quality or luxury. Predator had to not just be perfect, she had to be Feadship perfect. 

Predator Beyond Speed 3


Predator’s exterior design was truly unprecedented. Her 72.8m elongated hull curves upwards from a knifelike edge. Powered by a four-engine system delivering over 23,000 bhp, she literally cuts through the water. This axe-bow shape would usually be reserved for military and commercial vessels. Its application in a yacht was pioneering.

Predator’s razor-sharp lines are indisputably one-of- a-kind. All the little differences in her design, both inside and out, accounted for her big difference in speed. Predator not only met her contractual final target speed, but also exceeded it.

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Predator Exterior 2
Predator Exterior 3
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Innovations and learnings from other industries were essential in Predator’s creation. From a honeycomb superstructure borrowed from military technology, to air-conditioning systems adapted from aircraft, each feature helped her to meet weight and design targets. Solutions, not sacrifices, were the key.

Predator’s interior also had to go beyond sheer technical considerations. Her unique design features include a large central skylight over the stateroom, a straight main hallway giving an uninterrupted 60m view from stern to bow, and carpets made from Muga, the rarest wild silk on earth. Every experience and element onboard had to be absolutely exceptional.

Predator interior 5.1

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