A Feadship full of premiers, including being the world’s first ever hybrid superyacht and the first to be entirely metallic painted. Savannah’s interior design and exterior styling are a first too: being new to yacht design, the offices of CG Design took the design brief to a whole new level, creating an ensemble of unrivalled beauty.

Savannah copyright feadship 7 portrait

Pure custom creation

After winning no less than five of the most prestigious yachting awards in the year following her launch, it needs no further explanation: Savannah is one of a kind. 

The main aft deck starts from the water, with succession of steps and platforms leading to a spacious beach 11 club and the living areas. 

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The 10-metre pool displays a colourful glass mosaic by contemporary artist Cecily Brown .

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Perfect Craftsmanship

Savannah is the first superyacht to be entirely metallic painted with the exception of the mast domes. Feadship developed a special spray nozzle technique to attain the all- metallic look which had to be achieved in one sweep to avoid any colour discrepancy. The outside staircases are jet black and the steps covered in teak.

06 Feadship Savannah launch graded
07 Feadship Savannah launch graded
03 Feadship Savannah launch graded

The possibility to choose between diesel, diesel-electric or fully electric is truly exceptional.”
Ted McCumber – owner’s build manager and captain
Hybrid propulsion portrait


Savannah is the first superyacht to feature an eco-friendly blend of single diesel engine, three gensets, batteries, propeller, azimuting thruster and a streamlined hull shape. Offering fuel economies of thirty per cent, the pioneering electro-mechanical propulsion platform marries Feadship’s past experience and forward thinking approach within a pure custom creation.

Inspired by the 2010 Feadship Future Concept Breathe, Savannah is a demonstration of the cost-effective and cleaner mode of propulsion that can be achieved within an entirely bespoke superyacht. 

14 Savannah La Digue


The exterior profile includes a ‘floating superstructure’. The glass and composite panels appear to float thanks to complex visual trickery involving polished stainless steel strips, aluminium supports and teak. The stainless steel doors form part of the yacht’s continuous line and also appear to be floating as part of an immensely complicated design feature.

The 12.5 metre beam, which in finished photographs looks proportionate, perhaps even slim from some angles, was such a tight fit through the Dutch locks and bridges on the vessel’s way to sea trials that she was wrapped in protective film and sheets of plywood over the side because there wasn’t room for fenders. Savannah is a very big girl in a deceptively slender package.

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Exterior images
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All the salons open directly toward the outside and are part of the outdoor decks, separated by large sliding doors, which are open most of the time to benefit the view and breeze.

Savannah Nemo Lounge

There is a large variety of spaces for wellness, physical exercise and entertainment: the Nemo room, a bow observation lounge, a double-volume video wall installation, a wellness area, an exercise room, and a library.

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Staterooms feature a master, a VIP with fold out balcony, and four large guest suites.

Interior images

There was not one detail she would not spend days going over to make sure it was perfect. She really pushed the yard to build the best yacht for the owner”
Ted McCumber on CG Designs’ Cristina Gherardi Benardeau
Design Savannah