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About Kristin Merry

In mid-1959, the Feadship Kaag yard was commissioned by the Englishman B. H. Heath to build a hull and superstructure for a steel twin-screw motoryacht, in accordance with the specifications of a boat called Billow, then under construction at the same yard. The hull was initially given the build number 599, and remaining timesheets show that there were regular references to facilities as those fitted on Billow during the construction of 599.

By 12 July 1960, hull 599 was watertight and was delivered without engines to Mr Heath by tugboat for further completion. No further details are known about the yacht in the coming years until May 1973, when Mr Heath registered her as Evening Shadow in the English Ships Register in Littlehampton. A further document indicates that he sold her to F. Farden of Seattle on 15 October 1976.

Other items found show that this new owner rechristened the vessel Kristin Merri and that:

She was chartered in the Netherlands for some time in the early 1980s.

Epoxy was applied over her entire teak superstructure, as well as the fixed storage lockers installed on the centreline on the upper deck, in the late 1980s. This considerably changed the silhouette of the stern and concealed the wooden teak appearance of the superstructure, although the Feadship lines remained recognisable.

Around 1990, Kristin Merri sailed to the Mediterranean, which remained her main sailing area for a number of years. She spent most of her time in southern France, Italy, Corsica and Elba.

Kristin Merri was brought from Elba to Workum by the Workumer Jachthaven (WJH) marina, and received a berth there, in 1997.

From 2001 to mid-2006, major reconstructions and renovations were carried out on Kristin Merri by WJH. This included redesign of the foreship, replacing the three existing cabins (five berths) with one owners' stateroom with French bed, shower and toilet space. Total renovation of the engine room, including the installation of two new diesel engines (2 x 140 hp Isuzu). The installation of two diesel tanks under the gangways and modernisation of further technical equipment, such as hydraulic bowthruster, electrical systems, batteries, generator, drinking water systems, etc. The vessel was also completely sandblasted and repainted.

The current owners bought Kristin Merri from the heirs of F. Farden and renamed her Elisabeth T. They also got a berth in the Workumer Jachthaven marina. The only change they have made to the appearance of the vessel has been the production and installation of a new mast to replace the missing one.

Kristin Merry’s launch specifications

15.09m / 49′6″
10 knots
3.83m / 12′7″
1.25m / 4′1″
Kristin Merry
Elisabeth T


C. van Lent en Zonen
C. van Lent en Zonen
C. van Lent en Zonen


2 x 14Q pk. lzuzu diesel


1,200 litres / 317 US Gallons
1,100 litres / 291 US Gallons