De Vries Group Work and learn at Feadship

Working at Feadship gives you the opportunity to be part of the build of one of the best products made worldwide. Each and every Feadship is unique and cannot be built without pride and pure craftsmanship. Fortunately, all talent is granted time and guidance for their own development.

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Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw builds luxury yachts of the top brand Feadship: high end vessels equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. On our site you can learn the subject during your education: vmbo, mbo, hbo or university.

Vocational guidance pathway (BBL)

As a BBL, you are working four days a week and go to school for one day. On our site you discover the world of luxury shipbuilding as a student. You will do this under the guidance of an experienced trainee. This way you look at the art of craftsmanship while you get started right away.

Other learning work paths

In addition to the vocational guidance, we offer space for internships, graduation projects and traineeships for young potentials.

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