The Ultimate Feadship Fleet

Creating a comprehensive list for the Feadship fleet app is an enormous task, and not just because we have built 15 km of yachts since our founding in 1949, with at this moment in time another 2 km in the planning. No, the biggest challenge is that many of our most historic yachts have fallen completely off the radar, and, in some cases, no photographs exist. Fortunately for us, some of these long-lost yachts have been ‘rediscovered’ over the years thanks to an enthusiastic nautical community that has made a hobby out of identifying Feadships, still distinguished with their characteristic lines and exquisite engineering after all these years. If you discover a missing Feadship, please send a photo and information to

The FLEET app will help you to identify every Feadship you come across in any harbour or at sea. To be sure, we identify the boats by current name (if known or otherwise name given at the time of launch), the hull number, length overall (LOA). Please note that the LOA can be altered during refit.

Enjoy this float through the fleet, and happy Feadship hunting!