Refit Preserving the pedigree

Feadship has launched well over 450 superyachts during its long and distinguished history. The vast majority are still sailing today due to their unrivaled build quality and the love and care with which they have been maintained by their owners. At Feadship we remain equally proud of our offspring and committed to supporting those who choose to keep their yachts in top condition.

This is why Feadship only provides refit services to Feadship owners. We know these yachts like nobody else. And like nobody else we know how to ensure the original superior quality levels are retained. Maintaining the Feadship pedigree—its DNA if you like—is also very important to us. Any other refit simply won’t do...

Refit Pegasus

Dedicated refit department

Feadship has always had an excellent reputation for after-sales, and over the decades we have carried out various major refit and maintenance projects on our fleet. This was the background to our decision in 2005 to structurally support refits by forming a dedicated Feadship Refits team. Today we provide extensive refits and rebuilds both in The Netherlands and abroad. Projects cover the entire gamut of refit work, from guest area redecorations, technical upgrades and Class surveys to comprehensive rebuilds that include a hull and superstructure extension.

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Our philosophy

The success of the Feadship Refits philosophy is not only due to the perfect craftsmanship and rich experience on offer at our yards, or the detailed records we keep on every Feadship. It can also be attributed to the enthusiasm of captains and senior crew for the time they spend living in The Netherlands. A refit is a serious undertaking but we are proud to say that our guests—including those owners who choose to become actively involved in the project—also enjoy their time with us.

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Comprehensive services

The term refit covers a wide range of activities to improve the status of a yacht in terms of aesthetics, personal taste, user-friendliness, maintenance and repair, safety and other important aspects for owner and crew. As the ultimate after sales service, we present a complete pallet of custom refit activities to help (future) Feadship owners plan, implement and enjoy these improvements:

  • Pre-purchasing and Refit Surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Making lists
  • Refits and rebuilds at the Feadship yards
  • Remote refit at partner maintenance yards
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Service areas

No refit request is too ambitious for Feadship and we are very accustomed to meeting the most diverse requirements of sophisticated owners around the world. The following are merely some of the ways in which we have partnered with such people in the past to create some quite exceptional results.

  • Hull and superstructure extensions and remodelling 
  • Interior rebuild and redecoration 
  • Technical refits and maintenance 
  • System updates 
  • Exterior re-conditionin

Crew service

At Feadship we are well aware of the importance of captains and senior crew members. These specialists know the yacht better than anyone and as Feadships are mostly crewed by leaders in their field it is our pleasure to partner with them. Everything possible is done to make you feel at home and each Feadship yard assigns a Crew Service Agent as a first point of contact for matters such as: housing, transportation, recreation and supplies.

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Recreation
  • Supplies
Refit Utopia

Refit locations

Feadship refit services are available at our own yards and partners with various dedicated maintenance yards in the Mediterranean and US.

A refit is a serious undertaking but we are proud to say that our guests enjoy their time with us.