Design Carte Blanche

Our design philosophy is simple: start from a blank sheet and the assumption that everything is possible. We are here to make your vision reality. We work with you, but you lead. A process that many of our clients find almost as rewarding as the moment they finally see the yacht they have created standing before them on the quayside.

The question is not “What is it possible to create?” but “What do you want us to create?” Our only limitations are the laws of nature. The examples here are for inspiration, a springboard to your own ideas, from which we design a unique solution to meet your unique wishes: Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche Harmony Image


The overall design of your yacht should have a natural harmony and coherence. But how simple or complex, minimal or intricate do you want that design to be?

Carte Blanche Box Volumes Image

Box volumes

By playing with the box volumes you can discover what appeals to you. Adding or removing a deck, or shifting the transition from bow to aft, will also affect the balance. Where do you want your visual centre of gravity? What seems to your eye to be the perfect balance?

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Feadship brought the true meaning of pure custom creation vividly to life during the international boat shows in 2017 and 2018. 

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Carte Blanche Leitmotiv Image


Before getting on to any specifics, the absolute essence of a design can often be illustrated in a couple of lines. How would you capture the spirit of your dream yacht with just a few strokes of a pencil?

Carte Blanche Character Image2


By playing with its profile, you can give your yacht a character that is more majestic or more dynamic, more classical or more modern.

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Design theme

An effective way to define your personal design theme is to collect images of objects and lifestyle that match your vision for your yacht. From these images our designers can extract a design language from which to work.

Carte Blanche Bow Image


A straight or ‘plumb’ bow gives your yacht a different look, and by lengthening the waterline enables higher speeds. A plumb bow combined with low entrance angle also ensures good seakeeping and allows you to maintain high speeds even in heavy weather

Icebraker Duo Copy


Feadship yachts traditionally have a long bow with distinctive flair and parabolic profile. Knuckle lines can also be incorporated to split the surface.

Sterns Duo Copy


A wide variety of sterns are possible. In general a more open stern, here with swimming platform and stairs, offers optimal access to the sea. While a closed stern, here shown with hatch, provides a smooth look and maximum safety.

Carte Blanche Windows Image


Whether half or full-length, straight or curved, the shape, spacing, colour, size and positioning of the windows and mullions you finally decide upon will have a huge impact on the overall look-and-feel of your yacht.

Sea Swimming

Sea swimming

Many people want easy access to sea swimming from their yacht, but one client had an extra request - his wife had a fish phobia. How could we guarantee the sea water stayed free of fish?

Carte Blanche Balcony 2


In principle there is nothing simpler than a balcony. But in practice the possibilities open to you are endless.

What do you want us to create?