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Feadship exclusive charters serves a global client base of discerning individuals who appreciate the value of spending their priceless leisure time onboard the world’s finest motor yachts. With our unique understanding of every Feadship, we can perfectly and seamlessly customise your yacht charter experience precisely to your needs. Additionally we also support owners looking to charter their Feadship.

Experience the difference

If you don't own a Feadship you can still experience this privileged lifestyle of a superyacht charter for yourself. Years of working hand in hand with our clients have given us a rich understanding of how to provide bespoke services around the globe. Our close relationship with Feadship owners gives us a unique insight into each yacht and crew. This enables us to elevate your charter holiday into a supremely pleasurable experience...

​Feadship charter is your gateway to a vacation that you will never forget.

Wait no longer: It's your life

Embrace the solitude of a remote anchorage and dive into the spectacular reefs of the Caribbean or French Polynesia. Explore the rich cultural heritage of the Aegean or another historical area that you’ve always wished to visit. Or taste the vibrant excitement of the casinos of Monte Carlo and the high life in Monaco. The world is full of amazing things to see and do, and there can surely be no better way to discover its riches than during a superyacht charter. Especially if that superyacht has been created by the world’s leading motoryacht brand.

We can keep a secret...

Many Feadship owners choose to keep their yacht to themselves and rarely if ever charter them out. And even if they are prepared to occasionally share the delights of their prized possession, this will be done very discreetly. Do you have a favourite Feadship yacht that you’ve always dreamt about chartering but never seen advertised? Or are you a broker with clients looking for something ‘off the books’? Contact Feadship charter and let us see what we can do… After all, our network exclusively revolves around Feadship owners.

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