Sherpa by name, Sherpa by nature

Local residents and people driving and sailing past the Feadship yard in Kaag are used to seeing impressive superyachts docked up alongside the facility. Each is unique, of course, as Feadship only builds pure custom motoryachts, but it is fair to say that this latest newcomer in the water has a distinctive look all of her own. 

The 74-metre Sherpa has been launched via the slipway in order to facilitate work that was impossible to achieve inside the giant construction hall due to the yacht’s height. Already an imposing sight, Sherpa will soon become even taller as her remarkable mast, air/exhaust funnels and cranes are added to the deck. The official christening ceremony and delivery will take place later this year. 

Sherpa has been created in close cooperation with Cecil Wright & Partners for a highly experienced yachtsman who is a repeat client for Feadship. Her explorer-like exterior profile is accentuated by an unfaired hull which leaves the plate work and welding exposed. This sturdy finish was requested by the owner who wished to generate an industrial look. At the same time, Sherpa’s exterior still features a wealth of high-end details, including lots of teak, polished stainless steel and meticulously dressed aluminium and steel elements. 

Created in partnership with RWD, the expedition-style architecture will enable Sherpa to carry a great deal of equipment wherever she sails. The owner wishes to have all kinds of transportation and logistics options available as he embarks on his adventures in different parts of the world, including large tenders and various vehicles to use on land. The huge open spaces on the main deck will also facilitate this aim, as will the two giant boom cranes which will soon be installed on board. 

Extendable to twelve and twenty metres respectively, the cranes will be able to hoist items from port and starboard, on and off the helicopter deck, and to and from the platforms of the multipurpose garage below. A large hull door on the starboard side can be folded down to create a large beach club with a flush floor, while the cargo bay platform on the port side rotates upwards. The stern bulwark also rotates and can serve as a swimming platform to the beach club. Of course, these deceptively simple descriptions belie the enormous amount of technical and engineering expertise involved in producing such state-of-the-art structures and solutions. 

Below the helicopter platform is a lounge, dining area and bar/pantry. The rest of the interior living spaces are located in the forward sections of the yacht, including an observatory on the bridge deck. The main deck houses the owner’s stateroom, two VIP staterooms and four suites sleeping seven guests. 

Sherpa’s purposeful exterior combines extraordinary guest facilities with extremely practical and versatile operations, allowing her to operate globally in a number of roles. Her interior is well appointed and whilst reflecting the nature of an exploration vessel it is underpinned with a fascinating level of detail.

More detailed information about Sherpa will be released in due course as Feadships gears up to deliver this superlative example of pure custom design and construction for a client who loves to head off in new directions – literally and metaphorically.

Photography by Tom van Oossanen