A new state of Utopia: famed Feadship returns home for refit

Feadship’s dedicated refit division continues to work hard after a successful winter of activity. The fabulous Faith has just left the Netherlands for warmer pastures and her place has been taken by the lovely Utopia, whose owners fully recognise the exceptional added value of having a Feadship refitted by the craftsmen and engineers who know her best. 

Created as a vision of how a superyacht might look if everything that Feadship had learned to date was assimilated into a single project, the 72-metre Utopia made global headlines at the time of her launch in 2004. Loved both by her owners and those who have enjoyed taking her out on charter adventures, Utopia has now returned for a third time to the Netherlands for a refit with Feadship.

The previous refit projects were in 2008/2009 and in 2013. These regular upgrades reflect the owners’ desire to ensure Utopia remains in peak state and the fact that – as one of the most successful charter yachts in the global fleet – she is almost constantly in use. The most important aspects of this latest refit are an all-new paint job for the superstructure, activities in relation to the special 15-year survey from Lloyd’s, various technical modifications in the engine room and a spruce-up for the interior. Utopia will be delivered back to her owners in better-than-new condition at the end of July.

Another top Feadship to have recently enjoyed the Feadship refit treatment is Faith. Launched in 2016 to the client’s complete satisfaction, Faith came home last winter so that the usual premium warranty service activities could be completed on-site at the yard.

Moreover, the owner incorporated some fresh ideas based on his experiences the summer before. For instance, this stunning 97-metre superyacht now has a second wellness area on the bridge deck and, as Faith headed out for the 2018 summer season, Feadship spotters will also notice her smart new walnut-varnished window boxes on the main and bridge decks.