Lonian in her element

We are delighted to present these striking images of the 87-metre Lonian in her natural habitat. Anchored away from prying eyes so those onboard can enjoy an unprecedented number of openings onto the outdoor world, they showcase a true 21st-century Feadship embracing the superyacht life.

Lonian was created for owners with thirteen years of superyacht experience who like spending as much time as possible at anchor rather than moored in marinas. Once they find the perfect spot for a period of peace and serenity mixed with fun and games, Lonian’s anchors are dropped and the various platforms, hatches and doors opened to allow optimum access to the surrounding waters. The 22 different openings generate an unrivalled outdoor-in feel onboard and set a new benchmark for a specific type of engineering and construction.

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design were responsible for Lonian’s masculine exterior styling. She has the presence and stance of a beefy motoryacht while retaining an elegant and slender air. Lonian’s Majestic Blue hull was a huge challenge even for Feadship’s paint team as this kind of dark hue is very unforgiving of any faults. We think you’ll agree that they passed the test with flying colours!

Another key aspect of Lonian‘s profile is liberal use of stainless steel: from the signature V-cut feature on port and starboard side to the dramatic bow, it all adds to her glamour. The same goes for the glass used in the wide body section of a design that is surprisingly slimline considering she has a full-beam main deck with no sidewalks. The muscular look of the bow is another example of form meeting function and the extra volume adds to the interior real estate.

Practical requests are also synced with smart aesthetics on the various protrusions incorporated into Lonian’s construction. For instance, the three platforms surrounding the beach club aft, port and starboard all had to be located at a certain height above the water to safeguard against flooding. An immense amount of work went into optimising the hull height to ensure it would work perfectly for a yacht of exactly this length.

The design teams also had to take into account the added complexity of this swimming pool with a translucent bottom that doubles as part of the ceiling of the beach club below. This dramatic feature was a fascinating way to solve the puzzle of how to amalgamate a beach club floor, platforms side and aft, a pool bottom made of glass with no construction at the sides, and the pool itself. The pool surface is 50 cm above deck height, creating a great place for guests to sit and paddle their feet after lounging on the cabanas.

Another awesome piece of engineering art in the aft section of the boat is a Feadship first: a transom hatch with a flush swim platform that opens and closes in the same way as a convertible car. The teak hatch opens first and the aft door descends before the hatch closes again, leaving no visible sign of a threshold or door.

The large flush foredeck of the owners’ deck features a Jacuzzi with a bespoke cooling and heating functionality offering a range of temperatures between 10 and 38 degrees. This is ideal for the owners, who love the sensation of a chilled plunge pool after spending time in the bridge deck gymnasium.

Guests can also arrive by air as Lonian has a fully equipped deck for an AW169 helicopter. If the tender needs a home for the night the substantial crane located on the helideck is capable of lifting 3.5 tonnes.