Future-proof microturbine generator developed for rebuild of Istros

As with all our new builds, Feadship treats every refit as a bespoke project requiring the best possible solutions for the superyacht involved. In the case of the current rebuild of the 42-metre Istros, this has included commissioning the first Lloyd’s-approved microturbine generator to be fitted on a superyacht.

Istros means inspiration and, in bringing this 1954 beauty back to life, Feadship and the owner felt inspired to seek clean and reliable solutions to make the yacht future-proof. The specially developed 65kW turbine generator runs on diesel fuel and delivers a direct current. The DC power output is used to charge the connected ‘peak-shaving’ battery pack, from where the main busbar is supplied via a DC-AC converter.

With the combustion optimised, no additional exhaust gas treatment system is needed to achieve IMO Tier III emission regulations. This makes the system more efficient and less space-consuming than a diesel engine with after-treatment. Very little maintenance is required, ensuring uninterrupted operation during the season.

Vibrations and pulsating exhaust noise are non-existent, resulting in an extremely quiet operation without the need for noise and vibration attenuation measures. The self-centring air bearings inside the unit require no lubricating oil, eliminating the chance of environmental contamination.

Lloyd’s Register in Rotterdam has already granted Approval in Principle for the design of the microturbine, which will serve as a very cost-efficient and reliable power solution, offering the highest possible level of comfort on board. The rebuild of Istrosis due to be completed by the summer of 2020.