Aquarius offers a perfect illustration how pure custom creation works in practice, being created for an expert in the world of hospitality who has poured all his experience in that domain into 92 metres of entertainment, relaxation and fun.

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Pure custom creation

The yacht’s large open plan spaces are bathed in an abundance of natural, seamlessly integrated and exceptionally easy to navigate. Aquarius blends timeless styling and fabulous furnishings with prime guest and crew facilities to produces an inviting atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Perfect craftsmanship

The stunning central stairwell on Aquarius is a fine example of artisan skill and design combined with the latest engineering. This floating edifice of glass and stainless steel runs from the main deck to the sun deck. The way it allows natural light and clear glass to extend through the yacht takes the breath away.

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Glass façade

While the glass façade between the bridge and owner’s decks adds a unique flair to the marvellous exterior allure, the two-storey architectural void is an incredible sight from within. And, as sunlight hits the mother of pearl inlays running down the sidewall, a true sense of serenity prevails.


Keen to take the feeling of lavish space to a new level, the owner requested that everything be done to ensure uninterrupted sightlines from the interior wherever possible. This required keeping the bulwarks low and removing all support pillars in the salons.

The main deck lounge on Aquarius is the largest yet seen on a Feadship without any structural columns. It required an exceptional amount of engineering, including detailed calculations to ensure that Feadship standards of vibration attenuation were fully respected.

The huge amount of glass in the superstructure adds to the experience, as uninterrupted seascape views merge the outdoors with the in.

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Beautifully proportioned in every respect, Aquarius has a distinctive and contemporary exterior profile with a clean superstructure, elegant lines and an instantly recognisable Feadship bow. The large windows dotted across the hull instantly catch the eye, as does the deployment if double curved glass forward in the owner’s deck and wheelhouse.

Her large foredeck is home to a touch-and-go helipad offering owners and guests enormous diversity in their choice of how to commute from the airport or just go out and have some fun.

Aquarius heli running

Aft decks

The exterior layout revolves around congenial seating areas on the aft decks. Leveraging on this, the setup of the furniture on the aft decks was crucial to the owner, with very precise measurements given between the sofas and chairs. For instance, the bridge deck aft features small settees ideal for breakfast in that spot. 

Moreover, you can always sit either in the shade or the sun, and the windbreak structure lets you choose between a breeze and a wind-still area. No stone has been left unturned and no expense spared in the search for consummate comfort.

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Before we explore the sun deck, take a look at the splendid mast with domes especially elevated to ensure Aquarius a perfect satcom reception. In addition to its eminently practical function, this bespoke structure is also visually striking when viewed from the open plan sun deck.

Sun deck

An opulent expanse created with every form of outdoor pleasure in mind, the sun deck can easily accommodate one party dining in the aft area while another basks in the sun in and around the large Jacuzzi foward. Both sections are serviced from the central section of the deck, which hosts a large bar and giant drop-down TV.

The aft area has been optimised to block the wind and, combined with the technology at the captain's disposal for steadying and positioning Aquarius, this guarantees that guests can always enjoy their lunch in sheltered peace.

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Owner’s deck

Located in a spectacular location above the bridge deck, the owner’s deck is a phenomenal place of private relaxation accessible via elevator as well as the main stairway. The master bedroom is positioned aft and, with no mullions in the corners of the room thanks to the use of curved glass, the owners enjoy superlative unrestricted views when they wake in the morning.

The central portion of the owner’s deck is taken up by long ‘his & her’ bathrooms, the latter with a bath and both containing lots of wardrobe space, plus a dedicated massage parlour. 

Further forward is another remarkable room with a view – the media room – which includes an office area and a plush seating arrangement. In a classic case of custom construction, small concealed doors ’s dogs to access both the deck and – via their own corridor – the lounge. Everyone is well catered for onboard Aquarius.

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Bridge deck

The diversity of dining options onboard Aquarius accommodates every wish and time of day, with four elegant tables that can be extended to serve as many as eighteen guests. Two are on the bridge deck, one in the lounge and the second on the aft deck, an area that includes banquettes for additional seating and two nicely curved aft seating sections placed so guests can always sit either in the shade or the sun, in a breeze or out of the wind.

A tremendous amount of work was expended by the owner to ensure the spaces at and around the tables are perfectly configured for the utmost comfort. A common theme throughout the interior is the subtle colour schemes that bring harmony to each area as well as the intervening spaces.

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Main deck

Guests are in for a special treat as soon as they step into the main entrance onboard Aquarius. Walking forward they will find the resplendent main deck lounge – a vast space that serves as a blank canvas for every form of entertainment, from fine dining to an authentic cinematic experience. Natural light flooding in through the giant slabs of glass has a magical effect on the already gorgeous surroundings.

And a similarly impressive sense of space is found on the aft deck, with some 100 feet of clear visual splendour from the sliding doors to the back of the swimming pool. The latter can be covered to create a raised dance floor at night.

Returning amidships and walking in aft direction, we find six exquisite suites along an exceptionally wide corridor – another deliberate design request by the owner intended to give guests a real feeling of space. Making the most of the 13.50-metre beam and located in a prime real estate area, the accommodations can all justifiably be called VIP suites. Each has its own configuration and decorative theme, with paintings on the walls adding energising splashes of colour.

Main deck aft 558

Lower deck

Unrelenting attention to detail pervades every aspect of Aquarius, including the precise dimensions of the swimming platform and the stairs leading up to the main deck. These allow up to twenty guests to disembark from a tender and ascend in the most pleasant way possible – just one of the many times the movement of people has been precisely calculated on this superb yacht. And once they have completed their task, the tenders to Aquarius – a custom glass-roofed Venetian taxi and a ravishing Rive – can be parked in the dedicated tender garage further forward.

In addition to its excellent access to the water for swimming and diving, the lower deck is also home to a gymnasium that offers perfect views of the outdoor world. It’s hard to imagine a better inspiration to stay on the fitness trail. Further options for relaxation in this area include a spa area with a bar, hairdressing salon and massage parlour. The crew also have at their disposal facilities of an exceptional quality in the forward section of this deck, including very well appointed cabins, two messes and a lounge.

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Guests are frequently in awe of just how quiet Aquarius is as she effortlessly glides through the water.”

Operational excellence

Having invested so much time and energy in immaculate front-of-house facilities, the owner has doubled down by ensuring that what goes on behind the scenes is equally extraordinary. The split-level engine room is outstanding, with a full walk-around on both sides that makes access to both floors exceptionally easy. The addition of a corridor that allows crew to walk through this area makes life convenient, as does the smart layout, with separate areas for the generator, hydraulics and stabilisers.

Everything is engineered to such a high standard that guests are frequently in awe of just how quiet Aquarius is as she effortlessly glides through the water.

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