Webinar: UnIQ Episode 4 Quality – Perfection matters

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Feadship UnIQ is an interactive live broadcast. An exclusive behind-the-scenes experience including short talks by thought leaders from Feadship and other leading organisations, presentations of exciting new concepts, and a chance to engage in live conversations about the future of the superyacht world.

UnIQ is short for Understanding Innovation and Quality. Episode 4 of Feadship UnIQ broadcasts on Thursday 19 May and takes a deep dive into quality, perfection and craftsmanship.

Quality – Perfection matters: On the day of delivery many yachts seem alike; ten years later Feadships stand alone. Perfection inheres durability, the craftsmen’s skill gives long-lasting quality. Speakers from Feadship and other industry leaders share their thoughts about quality, perfection and craftsmanship.

    Feadship UnIQ Episode 4 broadcasts on 19 May from 16:00 to 17:30 (CET). Get exclusive access by registering and receive your personal access link by email.

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    Feadship’s engineering centre is connected in real time to the yards, to the individual craftsmen, overseeing every step, every element of construction. No two Feadships are remotely alike, making each commission an individual creation, requiring idea, execution and flexibility. Each design complication must find a solution. Quality first.