Feadship Brand Manual

How To Use The Manual

This online brand manual has been separated into different sections, each relating to specific areas of implementation of the Feadship corporate identity. New artwork is constantly developed. For every element you will find visual and written explanations of the different elements and technical specifications.

If you would like to send specifications to a supplier, only send the applicable pages. The pages with the specifications of the logo will probably be used the most. Should you need new artwork, or have any other queries, contact the Feadship marketing department at +31 23 524 7000.

About Text

In cases you have to submit an ‘about Feadship’ text, there two standard texts available in different lengths:

[92 words]
Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back to 1849, Feadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of pure custom superyachts. Each Feadship is defined by its superb craftsmanship and sets the standard in every aspect of design, engineering and construction. These bespoke motoryachts are created in partnership with owners who are prepared to invest in a wonderful building experience and reap the rewards for many years to come in terms of both pleasure and re-sale value. Feadship also operates dedicated charter and refit services exclusively for Feadships.

[16 words]
The Feadship Experience: Perfectly crafted, purely custom superyachts that set the standard and delight their owners.

Our Mission

We design, engineer and build unique yachts of the quality and take pride in providing our clients with an experience during the build and at sea.

Our Vision

We are the number one superyacht brand and relentlessly set the standard. Our core business is building unique yachts between 40 and 110 metres.


Just like a person, a brand has a personality. It is made up of a set of human qualities that defines its unique character - or, in other words, our DNA. Giving our brand a personality means people have something to relate to. It helps everyone to better understand what our brand stands for and what makes us different.

Our DNA also influences how we interact with the outside world and ensures that we properly engage with all our stakeholders. The Feadship brand DNA reveals our defining characteristics. The DNA is what Feadship is, and how we behave.

  • Dutch Honesty
  • Relentlessly setting the standard
  • Together we build an amazing experience
  • Pure custom creation
  • Perfect craftsmanship

Social Media Channels

The Feadship marketing department is in charge of managing our social media channels. A quick overview with the latest items on these channels:



The Feadship Logo

The brand logo is a valuable asset and must be protected by the rules in this guide. This will ensure that the image of Feadship is continually strengthened and that the company itself is set apart from its competitors. The logo has been specially crafted for visual impact and must not be recreated using any other elements of typeface.

As a primary rule, the Feadship logo can not be displayed without its descriptor; single use of the word mark is prohibited. The only place where the Feadship word mark appears alone is on a Feadship!

word mark = FEADSHIP / descriptor = Royal Dutch Shipyards

Logo Clearance Area

The Feadship logo needs to be surrounded by adequate white space, known as the clearance area. This enables the logo to stand out as much as possible and has ‘room to breathe’ in any given layout. The clearance area is the distance allowed between the logo and surrounding elements, such as typography, illustrations, photographs and the trim edge of a printed item. The surrounding elements should be 2x capital height from the x-height and basic line of the logo. Capital height is equal to the height of the Feadship logo. Download the illustration for clarification.

Logo Background Colour

The white background is an important element of the Feadship brand. Wherever possible it is preferable to place the brand logo on a white background. This gives the logo maximum clarity and lets it stand out as much as possible. The logo should only be reversed out of a background if it is not possible for it to be placed on white.

Ideally, the logo should never be reversed out of any other colour - in cases when this cannot be avoided, always contact the marketing department about how to proceed.

Logo Incorrect Usage

The logo is fine as it is. Please do not squeeze, stretch, adjust, move, replace components, change colours or try to recreate the logo yourself. Always use the artwork supplied.



Primary colours

The primary Feadship colours are Feadship Royal Blue, Grey and White. White is important to the Feadship brand; it should be seen as the third brand colour. These colour specifications ensure that the distinctive Feadship colour palette is displayed consistently across the range of its applications.


When creating Feadship layouts it is important to use the white space on a page. A Feadship layout is not cluttered or heavy, it is clean and light. The blue and grey are used in smaller proportions to the white. They appear as accent colours on the page.

Print special colours

There are specifications for printing on paper stock. This ensures consistency of the brand colours across different stocks. Feadship applies IT 852, an adapted version of Reflex Blue C. This prevents changes in colour during final finishing, such as laminating or coating.

  • IT 852 (Reflex Blue C)
  • PMS 430 C
  • Platinum (Foil print)

Full colour process (CMYK)

Wherever possible the Feadship brand colour should be reproduced using specials. However, if only a four-colour process is available (e.g. magazine printing) use the specified breakdowns.

  • Blue: C 100% / M 85% / Y 0% / K 13%
  • Grey: C 57% / M 42% / Y 37% / K 4%

Screen-based (RGB)

Feadship has chosen to change its primary brand colour for digital screens. The Royal Blue PMS colour, used for printed material and translated to RGB for digital application, deviates too much from printed material on various digital screens.


Type is an integral part of the Feadship brand identity and when used together with the brand colours it becomes a powerful visual communication tool. The primary role of typography is to make our communications easy to read and more accessible. As with all design work, it is important to keep checking that nothing gets in the way of the message you want to communicate.

The Feadship typography has a primary and a secondary brand typeface. The primary typeface should only be used by the marketing team and authorised staff and suppliers, in accordance with the guidelines in this manual. Our secondary typeface is Arial, which is found on all PCs and Macs. We use this for letters, emails, presentations and internal documents.




Brand Architecture

The logos of Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw, Royal Van Lent Shipyard and De Voogt Naval Architects have been re-designed and all now have the same look & feel. This makes it easier to ensure that the house style is properly represented in the case of items that need to carry two symbols at the same time.

The Feadship brand and the yard brands play different roles in the acquisition process. In the pre-purchasing phase, Feadship has a strong reputation and benefits from more awareness than the builder brands. Once negotiations with a potential client become more serious, the relationship with the yard brand becomes more important. In this phase, the client interacts directly with the builder, and the sale is made through this relationship. This bond will then last throughout the build process.

Upon delivery of the yacht, the Feadship brand is again of high importance due to its good name and impact on resale value. Yet, the yard brand continues to play a minor role; particularly in the warranty period and the after sales service. Market-facing publications, such as PILOT and ONBOARD, clearly only carry the Feadship logo. And in cases where two logos are used, the Feadship logo is mostly used dominantly. If you are unsure as to which column a branded item fits, please consult the marketing department.

Family Logos

The logos of Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw, Royal Van Lent Shipyard and De Voogt Naval Architects have been re-designed and all now have the same look & feel. This makes it easier to ensure that the new house style is properly represented in the case of items that need to carry two symbols at the same time. The logo of Royal Van Lent’s fully owned subsidiary Van der Loo Yacht Interiors has also been incorporated in the Feadship family. Van der Loo is sole supplier to Feadship and does not work for other companies. At this stage, the subsidiaries of the De Vries Scheepsbouw group are not included in this branding project.